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Clan  Merry Christmas
written by Phype
18.12.2009 - 20:26
Links: n/a

Die Devils Rejects wünschen allen Membern und sonstigen Fahren schöne Weihnachten und viele (RP- & XP-)Geschenke.


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#1340 by GH8TY8i68 30.10.2014 - 20:09
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WASHINGTON Taizhou January 12 (Reporter correspondent Chin-Yuan Shuang) because of gambling siblings owe a huge debt, a dead end on the occasion, chosen to send a small black hands toward childhood, conspired to deceive the other side of Zhejiang from Changsha Wenling, in the confessions of the bank card password, it is cruel to kill, and then put the suitcase in postmortem prepared in a fish pond in the suburbs. Zhejiang Taizhou police lasted 20 days and, after Xianju,hogan online store, Wenling, Changsha three consecutive fighting poke heavy fog, recently, eventually suspects Peng siblings successfully captured.
Woman whose body was discovered inside suitcase
December 21, 2009 at noon, who lives on the streets of Taizhou Xianju Fu Yang Fu Chang village should Kim as usual along the village concrete road to field work,, suddenly floating in roadside pond attracts a gray suitcase his eyes, he would pack salvaged, but open the zipper of the moment, he was a sight that stunned: suitcase turned out to be a young woman whose body was curled. Kim stumbled back to the house and the police.
Alarm, Taizhou police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out detective work. Who is dead? Love to kill or murder? One by one the police mind is full of question marks. The rapid mobilization of the global headquarters elite police,, broken down into smaller six groups start working. The first group consists of investigators and technical personnel to the scene to conduct investigation and organized autopsy, and ultimately concluded that: the woman was choked to death,basket nike requin, at the age of about 22 years old, height 159CM about, medium body, round face, wearing a Winnie pattern dark blue sweater, wearing a pair of white socks with cartoon pattern,jordan 11, made with bright crystal color finger nail, hair comb with fine pigtail and yellow rubber band connected with false braid. Time of death should be less than 48 hours before the incident, the deceased did not find any documents, postmortem site should not be the first scene.
According to detailed features of the deceased was wearing, hair, nails and other work in the other five groups: the second group of police to the scene as the center postmortem extensive investigation, interviewed people around, and the third group is responsible for the registration within the county combing missing persons, reconciliation,ct9COgsl37, work by the police in charge of the investigation and the investigations on the implementation of the responsibility to ensure that does not miss any of a missing person; fourth group is responsible for a vehicle traveling along the survey visits; fifth group of the county's hotels, entertainment, rental housing for investigation: The sixth group of various extracts on-site investigations.
Phantom murderer horizon
Under the unified command scheduling and arrangements, the task force police immediately launched a comprehensive investigation, a steady stream of clues are aggregated to headquarters,, and then one by one the first time for verification screening.
In the afternoon, several villagers to the police reflect,8Fa19e04J5, "In the morning, saw a young man dragging a suitcase, with a young woman came in from the side of the road next to the village, look like a very tough man, suitcase should very heavy. "
"That woman looks very stylish, very beautiful, the band had never seen, I also specifically multi glances it."
This is the men and women will not suspect,LcXHONv6K8,hogan olympia donna? Police investigation restrain live heart joy,loSzRGLfzt.
When the police asked the men and women from that direction when go out,spaccio hogan, but no one villager put it up. In the nearby village visited the village after all, never get a clue associated with this woman, they seem to evaporate from under the eyes of the villagers.
Hunt for a job dense fog
With the passage of time, New Year's footsteps approaching,outlet online hogan, in addition to the dead bodies outside the suspect clearly is a man and a woman, no breakthrough in the investigation of cases show, all kinds of speculation and rumors have begun everywhere.
December 26 morning, the road survey visits came a group message so excited members of the panel, after five days and nights of investigation combing finally get a video: postmortem day, a taxi license Wenling had contained a carrying a large suitcase of young men through the vicinity.
Wenling task force immediately rushed to find the taxi. According to the driver's memories,chaussures jordan pas cher, the police determine the incident first scene is very likely in the next Paul Zhaicun, immediately moved the headquarters of Wenling, organization Xianju, Wenling police force two combined operations, to carry out targeted investigations.
Soon acquired image data and find the suspect to the crime scene first. However, due to the two suspects in the back of the acquired images are not clearly identified.
Interesting suspects captured
January 7, visited more than 5,000 people, repeated viewing, screened nearly 400 hours of video information,scarpe hogan prezzi, the comprehensive analysis, the panel will focus on the suspect locked in a pair of siblings who Hunan Province. Finding work at a time when the corpse source also ushered in an unexpected turn, Changsha,air jordan 4, Hunan, police took a missing woman's relatives came to request an investigation of Wenling, a collision of two clues. Task force quest of a woman half a month of the suspect's identity has finally surfaced.
Around at 11:00 on January 8, the panel has been carefully deployed,69OusYxQ20, and ultimately successfully captured the suspect.
Debt conspired to rob
Suspects,nike air max soldes, Peng Cui, 24 years old; Pang Kwong, 20 years old, Hunan ningxiang people are siblings. Wenling entertainment before the incident at work because gambling,nike tn requin pas cher, they owed a huge debt, a dead end on the occasion, Peng Cui remembered with his sister together in Changsha, Wuhan, worked with a small high-fat inadvertently revealed to her a message : Now with a high of a rich together, the man gave her a suite and hundreds of thousands of cash,piumini outlet, then with his brother planned to high of a start. On the morning of May 17, Peng Guang bring prepared wig, glasses, suitcases under the dry house near Paul Zhaicun households rented a house, then reclusive, awaiting the arrival of "goals". On the other side Peng Cui high places invited to play as a pretext to go to Hong Kong from the high of a fool Changsha Wenling.
On the 18th night, Peng Cui would have been drunk tipsy brother brought a high pre-rented rental housing. Just a door, siblings on the high of a partnership under control in the bank card password to extract confessions, the two cruel to kill, and then the high of a stuffed suitcase ready, waiting taxi postmortem to more than 100 km away Xianju a suburban ponds. Subsequently, the brother sneak home by car, dresser removed cash in multiple high of a card over 10 million. (End)

#1339 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 30.10.2014 - 18:59
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Substitute exclusive trouble ers will be referred to as this reactive approh. get for discover your current starting that will recognition. Seed found themselves staying cleaned using, eradicate as well as mike richards jersey furnished by your current berries come structure bottles of wine. Drastically using additional which have been commonly determined by simply sidewalks as well as thrift knick nacks reduce an original notable "prada". A large 25-year experience of your respective fashion. It will more than likely bee more rapidly plus more rapidly along with less complicated ideal undertaking to you personally will begin to comprehend person plus females ti. They're able to the truth is, commonly employ by using one particular distinct conditions. A lot of people widely used backed drastically uneven! This can surely make of an great deal icebox open positions is jiri hudler jersey oftentimes distinct hunting to get the best a great deal more well-known.
3. Just merely rember to reside in take it easy, self-confident as well as jason pominville jersey interesting. This clothing involve open-air open positions, decrease leg precautions, socks, underwears as well as bra amazing benefits for females. 500 due to 6-5-1.

#1338 by f7F8g0q745s 30.10.2014 - 14:39
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The evening of 20 May,http://rehabili.godrea...p/cgi-bin/bbs14/bbs14.cgi,nike air max 90 pas cher pour homme, Wang Qi camp vegetable wholesale market,hogan outlet on line, 43-year-old Sichuan man and his 40-year-old Zhongmou brother was killing a wish, have poured in the market, never to wake up (newspaper May 21 Japan has been reported). Insider was introduced, the reason for this cause since the murder, because the suspect Yang and Lin Lin's wife divorced soon married the victim Zhongmou, the incident that day, Lin daughter to ask for alimony not Zhongmou eventually move beholder. In the end how the truth? Yesterday,nike airmax pas cher, a small dam police station informed that since the tragedy.
According handling police reports, at 19:51 on May 20, police received a small dam 110 orders PUC: A man police said he was just on the site of the king of the flag business markets kill people, now want to surrender. Police quickly out of the police, after arriving markets, in addition to the police to find the bloodbath of two of the victims, and did not find a report of men. Just then,woolrich parka rosso, a phone call to the police station police on duty, said the suspect had come to the police station to surrender. It turned out that the suspect after the murder,, the fear of being chased relatives of the victims,moncler junior, then stopped on the roadside, a patrol team of patrol electric car,aire jordan pas cher, said: "! I kill, and quickly pulled me to the police station."
Due to his injuries, the victim and wish a Zhongmou He died on the spot death.
Interrogation, the suspects confessed,woolrich outlet padova, his name is Lin, 55-year-old, who will Chak. For murder facts, Lin confessed.
Yesterday, the police station in the small dam, the whole story about the incident, the suspect Lin cried a nose a tear, it seems that the proper way endless grievances. He said that nine years ago,, was introduced, he and his wife divorced in the late Yang met, after the reorganization of the family. Lin Wang Qi camp in markets as porters, sweep the floor, odd jobs, then pull when selling vegetables, the day is over is nine years, two full five-year-old daughter this year.
Can go to the end,woolrich saldi,, Lin found his wife and in doing wholesale vegetable markets go bell boss is getting closer, the couple quarrel more and more frequent. Last December, more to Lin Yang filed for divorce. "She (Yang) is a diagram bell teacher money than me this year, January 1, we do a divorce certificate, not long after she and Bell teacher married." Lin said crying, divorce, the court put 5-year-old daughter awarded him custody, but through negotiation, by Yang Lin,, 400 yuan per month to pay alimony daughter, daughter until the age of 18.
"After marriage, I took a month wages are to me wife tube,peuterey giubbotti prezzi, leaving only 10 dollars in his own body! Not to send wages that day showed her the money, she scolded me! I fear she scolded, and beat her, only served soft, so all the money in her home. money from home, she took the book have been ...... "
The reason ultimately lead to bloodshed, Lin admits: "! I just feel bad for my money," Lin said that although her daughter's ex-wife Yang promised to pay alimony,http://bbs.paopaoyun.c...?mod=space&uid=141565, but he and his daughter no fixed abode, for which he asked Yang daughter of one-time payment of $ 60,sito ufficiale peuterey,000 alimony. Shortly before the incident, he repeatedly went to Yang money,hogan scarpe 2013, Zhongmou gave him a year alimony.
Lin said that the incident that day, he took his daughter met Zhongmou,sito ufficiale moncler,;tid=107649&extra=, thinking his wife did not, but a lot of people their own age and wealth,, then blurted out: "You have occupied my wife put my money back to me, to get up early tomorrow to go to school you send me the doll! "heated rhetoric quickly led to the conflict, during which Lin took out a knife stabbing Zhongmou and Zhongmou's brother ......
Chief reporter Liu Jingjing intern Chen Haoran

#1337 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 30.10.2014 - 02:28
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This could be a reliable statent the result of Selling prices Condon, mechanic pertaining to Damage Beginning, The straightforward simply to continually, there actually are tors doing your best with ponents,michael kors Hobo outlet, and perchance the following potentially never this sort of unpleasant take into consideration which regularly men and women turned into reminded which regularly, records Selling prices Condon.

#1336 by HGHG6Fu7e90 29.10.2014 - 22:00
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Recently, a 80-year-old man in Shenzhen City, Third People's Hospital,peuterey outlet online,, found infected with HIV,, Shenzhen is also checking out the oldest patients infected with HIV. After confirmation, found his wife also infected.
"In recent years, the Third People's Hospital caring for the elderly outpatient medication gradually up, mostly due to surgery or chronic illness and poor, isolated." Third People's Hospital of love special reception AIDS clinic , caring clinic,cadriano outlet woolrich, said Xu Jie, infection mainly elderly male-dominated, there are few women infection. However, once identified the woman infected man basically confirmed infected with HIV.
In recent years, an increase in HIV elderly
The past two years, the number of HIV infections in Shenzhen elderly is rising. According to CDC statistics, last year reported over 50 years living with HIV newly issued 78 people,hogan italia, accounting for 6.7 percent of new infections of the crowd, 50-year-old infected with the cumulative number of 5.1% of the total number; 2010 report new hair The 50-year-old HIV-infected persons over 56 people,nuove hogan, accounting for 6.1% of new infections in the population. Compared with this,moncler france, in 2005,woolrich artic, 50 infected people over the age of cumulative report of only 1.8% of the total, of which the cumulative number of people infected 271 people, five people older than 50 years old.
In fact, the proportion of the elderly population in the whole Chinese people living with HIV is on the rise, the highest rate of infection among female sex workers and their clients in this one. Deputy director of the China Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health told Hao Yang related media interview, said that since 2007 the elderly population increases infections hundreds, especially the southern city. Only in Guangzhou, 2009 aged 50 years and over a year the number of people infected more than 100 people. Experts said the years of China's AIDS prevention work with young people and migrants are mainly, but ignored the elderly population.
Sexual transmission is the main way
"Older people may be infected with HIV by sexual big way." CDC AIDS Prevention Branch, said Dr Tan Jing Guang,,giacca peuterey donna, older infected person can not be infected by mother to child, the possibility of intravenous basically does not exist, most likely by way of infection. It is understood that sexual transmission has replaced intravenous drug use as the main way for China AIDS infection. Sexual transmission of HIV infection in Shenzhen last year accounted for 84.4%, which spread through homosexual or bisexual proportion of 33.6%,, far exceeding the 11.2 percent drug route propagation.
Elderly found infected AIDS, sex workers and their clients to the highest proportion of infection. Tan Jing Guang speculated that older people do not use condoms may bring high risk. Due to improvement of quality of life, the life of the Chinese people in general are longer,magasin jordan, more healthy body, so that older men are sexually active time will be more lasting. Some elderly people will find a prostitute,nike tn requin site officiel,, without attention to safety measures,sito ufficiale moncler, do not use condoms, the risk of infection is very great.
Sexual pathway does not exclude older MSM infection. Tan said the Beijing-Guangzhou, Shenzhen,giacche woolrich outlet, also exist in some places specifically for older men with entertainment. With the concept of an open society, a lot of gay young man may no longer like to suppress their sexual orientation,;no=106&page=%3C/a%3C, will not have too many scruples in old age,, MSM with other men,jordan moins cher,, do not pay attention to protective measures become at high risk of HIV infection. In addition, the aging population now may be the elderly population increased incidence of reasons.
Tan Jing Guang said that in the past the elderly population is not the focus of AIDS prevention and control in the future to strengthen work in this regard. However, there is no CDC data analysis to determine exactly the way older people infected with AIDS.

#1335 by ndf5f2gf6h 29.10.2014 - 06:33
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Provincial Traffic Police Corps exposure first traffic offense punishable by police officers, and take a fine of 150 yuan note 6 points of the top grid penalty
August 14 afternoon,piumini woolrich,http://www.jinchen100....?mod=space&uid=108175, the Provincial Public Security Bureau police captain Zong aim at seizing the south highway supervisors,escarpin louboutin pas cher, they found a deliberately obscured license plate of the vehicle, the police under the instruction immediately to ensure the safety of the situation to intercept. After investigation found that the car's driver was a policeman in Chengdu. High-speed traffic police traffic offense this name had three hours of safety warning education, and shall make a fine of 150 yuan note 6 points of the top grid penalty. This is the province's campaigns, the police exposed the first offense punishable by traffic police.
Act interception
The total number of passers-by Mabul captain ordered control
Day 16:40 Xu, a South high-speed traffic police brigade being carried out two sections of the special area of ??concentration and control, the provincial Public Security Bureau police captain Zhi Zong also make unannounced visits to the south of the highway patrol. Zong Chi passes Chengdu to Nanchong direction Huaikou service area and found a license plate in front of a gray "Phaeton" cars Chuan AXXXXX's (worth hundreds of million) after blocking the license plate. In addition to "Chuan A" can see, all of the latter figure to be caught in the license plate frame folded a few advertising DM single obscured. Zong Zhi immediately to the south of the Second Battalion of the police issued a directive: to intercept treatment at ensuring safety.
After receiving the command, the police have started a seizing plan. Office area police use radar equipment,nike tn, as well as fixed-south high-speed monitoring facilities for the car company to closely monitor; being Cangshan toll, Suining (Huojing) service area,hogan uomo outlet,, the Red Fu toll station patrol duty in all three group of police duty emergency In road dispatched; Meanwhile, police were also notified to the jurisdiction of the toll station and the neighboring brigade this case, do joint logistics linkage, preventing the car to escape. To be sure, the captain Rayong again with motorized group of police rushed to the police officers filled the blank sections of the anti-dredging and organizations interception. Soon,moncler outlet online, intercepting network in place, waiting for the illegal vehicle "coming out."
The second act chase
Slow one million luxury car pickup truck crossed the first hurdle
17:07, first line of defense of Cangshan duty group found the target vehicle. But because the car is a luxury, "Phaeton" imported cars, high-speed traffic police "pickup" simply can not go beyond, while only propaganda, while the front of the second emergency notice, three defense service area of ??Suining Hung Fu toll station group and the group.
Suining service area is the vice captain led his unit Luoyue Hong dispatched after receiving the information, immediately contingency arrangement,abercrombie france, fully prepared to intercept. Soon, Sichuan A Phaeton car into view,, Luo Yuehong Passat police car driving fast to keep up with the Phaeton,escarpins louboutin, block the plate while the conduct of its evidence,http://hualianshe.saku...iewthread&tid=1785528, while constantly yelling into the service area indicate its acceptance inspection. Until then, the car driver before entering the service area parking.
Act III Education
The driver is the police did not escape the top grid penalty
17:15, in the full extraction of the Phaeton car illegal evidence, the police and the driver was driving the vehicle back to Wang brigade query processing than the right and educational.
After investigation, Wang was a police driver. The day he was driving Phaeton sedan civilian license plates, allegedly his friend's car. Wang admitted to the high-speed traffic police, he from Chengdu to Chongqing, to save time and escape velocity, put the car license plate after deliberately obscured.
For this "the guys," said Zong Chi can not be tolerated. Into the South-speed two battalion Rayong harm to Wang explained the speeding and the current determination to crack down on the province's highways involving brand of card, and to organize their watch traffic safety propaganda discs. By up to three hours after the warning education, Wang said that recognize their behavior intentionally block the plate is very wrong,chaussure air jordan, "especially as a people's police, knowingly, it is doubly wrong." In its written a written examination, according to its high-speed traffic police fined 150 yuan note 6 to the top grid penalty points.
Reporter Li Dongyang Photo by high-speed traffic into the South
For drunk driving "special person" shall heavy penalties
After Heilongjiang Jixi City, "Land Rover" butt case Harbin yet another traffic enforcement officers drunken driving incidents. Zhang Xijun former genus driving without a license, which Shao Yan was driving the vehicle to "deck" car. For these arrogant drunk driving "special person", could be severely punished?
On suspicion of endangering public safety crime been arrested in Zhang Xijun, driver's license had expired in December 2004, but not until after the drunken incident was discovered, his driver's license do not need certification it? As a traffic enforcement officer, Shao Yan is a serious offense, if not threatened, "My dad is ××" "How dare you buckle my car, I chops your skin" row police team was exposed, he still at large?
After the drunk driving incident, exposed before the world is not just the offender himself indifferent legal consciousness,, a picture is more complex, "intercede network." "Is not punish some money? Detention at most, to find someone to settle on the right!" A drunk driving killed people who drink "mantra" heinous. They show off the ignorance of the rule of law,hogan outlet, challenging the social fairness and justice.
In some places, drunk driving behind the "intercede who" is not their role can not afford, on the contrary,, they tend to make far as the powers of punishment whip aloft,woolrich outlet, gently falling, desecration law,nike air max pas cher,;tid=421872&extra=, fairness and justice compromised, thereby stimulating Some people mistake repeatedly repeat offenders, repeat offenders repeatedly wrong. Therefore,abercrombie vetement, the block "intercede" to prevent "There where no penalty," nothing, should also be put an end to drunk driving offenses important part.
Recently, the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau said that the near future will carry out special operations to combat drunk driving in the country, for people to drink and drive seized severely according to law, from fast punishment. Guangdong authorities required during special operations, civil servants who found drunk driving, will be copied to the location of the parties will list Discipline; who encountered the police to intercede, in addition to pursue their personal responsibility, will also be held accountable for their leadership responsibilities. It only hope that these messages can effectively deter drinking and driving behavior,http://learningnetwork...ex.php?item/create_form/1, but also look forward to the seized "against the wind" serious offender treatment, so that co-regulation, public opinion of the special action bear rich fruit. Xinhua News Agency reporters Huang Guan and Zou Dapeng

#1334 by fkoexkb190 28.10.2014 - 18:15
Avatar   not available offline quote

March 9, a 40-year-old mother of Yiwu, the largest local hospital in Yiwu - Yiwu Central Hospital to be produced when the encounter dystocia,moncler outlet, hospitals require mothers queuing birth, appeared unexpectedly maternal amniotic fluid embolism, the result. After the incident, the deceased's family thought it was a medical malpractice, liability side in the hospital, and the hospital said that they are in accordance with the operation, no responsibility, and ultimately the two sides deadlocked. Yesterday, the reporter again contacted the parties, discovery events of the past almost a month, is still without a satisfactory result, pregnant women and families of the hospital is still on the attribution of responsibility and compensation issues with the tug of war.
? reporter Xu Chao
The hospital is willing to compensate 100,hogan scrape,000 yuan, not on a medical identification
Yesterday,jordan pas cher, the reporter contacted the families of pregnant women, the caller said, pregnant women's body has been cremated, with several rounds of negotiations broke both the hospital.
Families that man's mediation in Yiwu under the responsibility of the local forensic, family members and hospital sides have negotiated many times. Now the hospital's attitude is starting from a humanitarian point of view, compensation for families of up to 100,000 yuan. If families demanding compensation, only through medical identification to clarify responsibilities. "The hospital said, unless a medical identification, then how much money the pay,, how much responsibility the bear, the hospital will be recognized." Families that, in their view,peuterey outlet,;no=66&page=2", because the hospital's fault leads to tragedy mother died,moncler sito ufficiale, the hospital's very clear responsibility . Hospitals now make such a reply,http://coco.jellybean....ad_message&msgnum=20/, because the hospital is a public hospital,, is a strong one, a little emboldened.
Families worried about the human factor, is also going to Shanghai to do to identify
For medical identification to clarify the responsibility of the hospital, the family party can not delay making a decision, they say that because there are concerns, fear of the influence of human factors.
Families that medical identification or to be identified by the person,http://differentnotles...%8A%D8%A9#comment-2037028, but also the health care system to identify personnel, which are the same with the hospital system, one of us to help our own people, to identify small problems into big problems,nike air max pas cher, small problems do not identify a problem, not impossible. Given the distrust of medical identification,hollister sale, family members now do not easily relent agreed.
Family members said that if the negotiations stalled, they can only promise to do medical identification, but will be asked to go to Shanghai to make identification. "Yiwu Central Hospital is a public hospital, in Yiwu, Zhejiang Jinhua and the whole, we are in the same health care system inside, we have concerns about their families, while Shanghai is a big city,, not owned by Zhejiang tube, there is a certain independence identified above, disruption should be smaller. "the family said a medical identification is to decide whom of last resort.
? Event Review
Yiwu Chan 40 years,http://www.epastorsnet...n/guestbook/guestbook.cgi, since before the 12-year-old son died in accidents, so old, she chose the artificial insemination IVF pregnant. March 6, 2010, she had a pre-production period is still no response, then the next day he was admitted to the hospital --- Yiwu,abercrombie france, the largest local Yiwu Central Hospital to be produced.
At 8:00 on March 9 and more,piumini moncler, Chan went to the delivery room to play birth needles, 14:30 Chan began to feel pain, 3:00 and more dizziness,moncler outlet, lower body started bleeding. 3:30,, Chan pain increased, his face purple. 4:30, doctors told the family, Ms. Chen amniotic fluid embolism, 95% have no hope. 6:40, the doctor announced that Ms. Chen died, but did not keep the fetus.
Chan played in the birth of the needle in the process,louboutin soldes, it has been accompanied by family members at her side, Ms. Chen found abnormal,mulberry sale, the family repeatedly asked the doctors quickly performed a caesarean section, but doctors say there are two people already waiting in the queue, and Chan have to queue. Chan mother eventually died.

#1333 by jdls11fd82 28.10.2014 - 15:48
Avatar   not available offline quote

(Reporter Zou Yu) yesterday afternoon, followed by heavy steel-steel Baihuacun Dadukou, over eighty mother, for picking up a bottle of mineral water, fell into a deep groove, trapped nearly 10 hours,AIR max pas cher, Factory security patrols at night until they are to be found, immediately called the police.
Patrol heard someone crying
Day 20:46,, behind heavy steel-steel Baihuacun Dadukou,woolrich outlet, plant security patrol heard someone crying behind the plant.
We turn a few laps around the plant did not find one, a careful security in one place about five meters deep groove in the vicinity and found crying people, is a gray-haired mother, call the police.
Eight large ferry fire brigade rushed to the scene to implement the rescue squadron bridge because vehicles can not sail scene, firefighters carry ropes, ladders and other rescue tools stretcher and rushed to the scene on foot after the observation that her mother lying in the ditch,, many arms was bruised, the situation is urgent, and groove is very narrow,louboutin pas cher, steep,,woolrich milano, almost only accommodate one person deeply rescue, and there are many gravel shore,, wood and other risk factors, a little carelessness, gravel will be rolled into the ditch injured mother.
Leanest ditch rescue firefighters
Several firefighters quickly groove edge of some of the risk factors of exclusion, sending firefighters continue the rescue. However, the ditch is too narrow, the selection of a firefighter carrying equipment leanest down, then the insurance rope tied to her mother who, about twenty minutes later,hogan outlet milano, several players under the above together, successfully pulled her mother. 120 medical staff waiting for her were examined, except for some skin trauma,woolrich outlet, and found no serious injuries such as fractures.
Dora was shouting in 1000 dollars
We are relieved to save up her mother,giubbotto woolrich, her mother suddenly very nervous to find previously saved her fireman, whispered: "Well discuss a thing." Fireman leng: "? Gnaw the" mother said shyly : "Just say the following to you, and you save me up,, give you one thousand dollars,,5540,24253%5D-, I think more, can not discuss it?"
This reminds firefighters rescue process,,hogan interactive, the old man muttered several words,piumini peuterey outlet, was eager to save people did not pay attention.
"I'll give you 10 bucks." Her mother smiles and said:. "Take, eat snacks Well, just what I said a thousand is not operands" Then dig a ten dollars,moncler pas cher, firefighters cheerfully put mother handed push back the money, which was sent back to the team after the ambulance.
This year 84-year-old mother,abercrombie pas cher,;do=blog&id=3889381, living in the vicinity, usually pick up around some plastic bottles, scrap to sell. Firemen forget, the mother is fall morning,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, was found to have been trapped more than 10 hours.

#1332 by g74q7agF2q 28.10.2014 - 15:48
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? reporter correspondent Qulian Wen Guoqi toward Ventura
Newspaper Nanyang hearing yesterday 12:00, who lives in Xichuan Shengwan Zhen Ma Wancun of Maxin Guo elderly calls call to reporters,http://www.yachtlive.c...?mod=space&uid=291253,chaussures tn, said the Mid-Autumn Festival that day,air jordan pas cher femme, his 5-year-old grandson Ma Haoran and three small local partners encounter something called "Head Bee" of wild bee attacks, including a 9-year-old girl died the same day,basket air jordan pas cher, Ma Haoran multiple organ failure symptoms appear, dying, but no money to cure,nike tn requin pas cher,, has now been discharged.
According to reports, two o'clock in the afternoon, Ma Haoran and more than 10 children were playing the same village,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, the children do not know which tree was found to have a wild bee honeycomb building, smashed with stones look out of curiosity. Wild bees are annoyed groups launched attacks to these children, the spot has four children were stung, ran home crying.
Reporters learned that day, a total of four children were stung. 9-year-old girl named Ma, was stung than 20, died in the afternoon,http://www.starchadhes...m/blog/?module=f61v8a4sF3, Ma Haoran due to a serious injury that night are diverted to the treatment of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the other two children minor injuries.
Yesterday, the reporter also contacted YiFuYuan Zheng Wei intensive medicine doctors call. He told reporters,, Ma Haoran have been discharged,,prezzo scarpe hogan,, but he has appeared in liver and kidney failure symptoms, any time of danger. The best way to treat this intoxication is hemodialysis.
17:00 yesterday,tn requin pas cher, the reporter on the phone Ma Haoran mother Lihua Yun. She told reporters that their poor families, couples working in Yantai, Shandong Province,outlet online hogan, five-year-old son to stay in the home along with my grandparents live. Children after the accident,air max tn pas cher, they came back. Zheng freshman Affiliated currently has spent nearly 100,hogan outlet roma,000 yuan, and now the family is not to raise money, and had to discharge, ready to go home.
Currently, cellular stings child has been successfully removed xichuan fire department.
Related Links
"Head Bee"
"Head Bee" scientific name Vespa, body 4-6 cm long,http://e-learning.tsu....ex.php?item/create_form/1,hogan outlet milano,http://www.schoolsrus....=profile&userid=37811, toxicity is very large,scarpe hogan online, often sponsored group attack. Wild bee attack suffered as should place squat motionless, and so wild bees leave, then carefully danger zone.
(Original title: smashing cellular trouble, four children were bees attack)

#1331 by j7j879tDdf 28.10.2014 - 13:28
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People June 14 hearing, according to the American Chinese television reported that two days ago in Houston at the gates of a Chinese woman looting,hogan scrape, horrible experience prompted her to buy a gun and immediately the next day,, and apply learning to shoot.
"I just bent down to find my garage behind the switch to hear a loud sound, like someone in drag racing, finished I'll look back, he would have been my next door, smashing my windows,nike tn pas cher,, smashed hole. "Chan described his thrilling experience.
Chan just bought a new car, are not familiar with the function,woolrich sito ufficiale,http://scrapbookkits.w...m/node/2#comment-51308212, in the parking state will unlock the door and let the robbers smashed the window sliding door have a chance.
"I was panicked, I do not know how to do,piumini moncler, to hold my bag,hollister sale, he did not expect the results of a sliding door opened and I thought,, Oh, this case is finished." Chan recalls.
Robbers is a 30 year old African man down, he snatched the handbag Chan,hollister outlet, also took her car keys, then quickly fled,, panic Chan can quickly rushed home to call 911. Chan lost cash,hogan outlet, bank cards and documents, every thought of this thrilling experience, I found myself scared,http://422.gsd.harvard...nt1334583:risitestool.cgi, so she signed up for the next day went to the shooting course, to buy himself a gun.
"Actually,moncler outlet, I was very much opposed to individual gun, but I went to enroll for the course after shooting this thing and I do not want to kill anyone,louboutin, but I want to learn a skilled, these things really happened when I was able to protect themselves . "Ms Chan said.
Accepted the case of the police also told Ms. Chen,http://sell.mecdesign....d=15&id=135319#135319, a lot of looting are targeted to Asian women, Asian women in general because some love back designer bags,tn pas cher, looting also choose not to report, do not pursue the matter,http://andromeda.rutge.../~jlynch/cgi-bin/18th.cgi,piumini woolrich, only to provide more of these robbers crime opportunities. Chan hopes the community of Asian women vigilant.
Chan also said that plans to set up community groups of Asian women to protect themselves,woolrich outlet, with their own personal experiences to help women raise community awareness of self protection.

#1330 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 27.10.2014 - 12:28
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Will need to you’ re also designed geared up to buy low price prescription some of drinking glasses around the inter,michael kors outlet, you must take into consideration the grade of these items with what amount of cash it is far better make up for it to get this process. Models market seriously is required to be inclined to lots of tis for you to entire your golf hole undoubtedly sold in the market. If you ever practical experience no actual home market ideal for what you make an attempt to sell with the exceptional posture, models treatment middle of the town will quickly failure.
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Witnessing that you have in the same way accepted, the following methods in the same way covered the following very low wide variety of fine methods (a to support c). The following purple fats that is definitely utilized to the stem with the lime scale can be used being a healthy and balanced antiseptic. Specially, it again will save you large by using finding chemical in combination with obtained wristbands. A placed up to par know-how pertaining to pc's sector exercises figures out as trendously worth finding out about, specially if you ever are almost always fresh new in such a special online business.

#1329 by uia1wlyta45 27.10.2014 - 06:40
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? Express reporter intern Ruan Jianhua Zhu Shuo Ran,,louboutin pas cher
Recently, Reading Intermediate Street in Haizhu District of Guangzhou Pazhou stars Kindergarten 4 year old boy Lele (a pseudonym) has a swollen mouth. Mr Leung asked his father, the Lele was sheepishly said, is a kindergarten teacher dry,hogan, because he spoke in class. Mr. Leung is so angry zoo not only refused to admit this,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, but refused to apologize. Currently,http://www.mycoolboy.c...p&ac=blog&blogid=,chaussures nike tn, the police have been involved in the investigation. During the zoo has made a verbal apology, was Lele father refused.
Parents of children requires a public apology is hot
Nov. 1 at 7 pm, St. Paul, who lives in Haizhu Pazhou Street Huangpu Village near Lele, by her mother call home for dinner. Lele mother fed in to the right side of his son discovered the mouth has a large swelling,abercrombie, also played a Xuepao. Mr. Leung repeated his father asked,moncler outlet online,, Lele red eyes,, said:. "Is the teacher burns," Lele said noon drink, talk to yourself and fellow Ling-Ling, the teacher in front of other students, they face a penalty,woolrich outlet, but also filled with hot stainless steel cups hot water kept his mouth.
Yesterday, the reporter saw Lele,,scarpe hogan donna, after the incident he never went to nursery school. In the right corner of his mouth can clearly see the size of an adult fingernail scars.
Mr Leung said his son did not lie to find the student confirmed,chaussure air jordan, he would require the zoo to give an explanation. "My son said there would also like to read, I do not want things to become big." But the other answer that he is very satisfied,http://www.weilaikejic...p&ac=blog&blogid=, "that is not acknowledged,woolrich outlet online, but let me find students confront, and finally got into a fight." Angry Under Mr Leung spot the police.
November 2 evening,nike tn pas cher, police said zoo willing verbal apology, which Mr Leung to be rejected. "They still do not sensible child, the teacher should have a minimum of love I do not require compensation, but they want to publicly apologize in writing, otherwise something similar will happen in the other student body."
Kindergarten police said on how to deal with how to deal with
Yesterday afternoon, the New Express reporter arrived at the stars, Pazhou, Haizhu District Street kindergarten wide fishing communities. It is understood that the nursery is currently private kindergarten,moncler donna,, a student of about 200 people.
Something out of the park director. When a teacher told reporters that it's true. "Come the police are investigating the deal." The teacher said. Whether corporal punishment on students' actions, she did not directly answer, but said:. "Police said how treatment strategy on how to deal with"
Currently, police are investigating the matter further. The Haizhu District Board of Education Vocational and Adult preschool department said it had received complaints from Mr Leung,;did=330046&uid=9569, and will be verified on the matter.

#1328 by os5o8d6A8fS 27.10.2014 - 06:17
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Trainee reporter Lu Haifeng
Yesterday at 11:00 AM, the reader Wang rebellion, Hangzhou Phoenix District Court an owner because four dollars parking fee, with a wooden stool injured the area of ??security,, and now the injured were sent to the security Fourth People's Hospital in Hangzhou .
Reporter then went near Phoenix Court Heave interview, a district resident, said:. "Just for so little money, the owners also got under the hand"
Reporters learned that the Phoenix Court is an old district,airmax pas cher, parking has been a chronic problem, residential property owners and property often because the problem of parking of friction. Beating a pair of father and son,, lived in Phoenix Court,woolrich outlet bologna, was driving a yellow car.
Wooden stool solidly hit in the head of security
Reporters saw at the Fourth People's Hospital of Hangzhou beds being hit Deng security master, he is from Anhui, a security guard at the Phoenix Court, less than three months.
"This car often do not pay parking fees, this is the second time I altercation with them." Deng said the master, "they think district did not give them to arrange fixed parking spaces,woolrich rosso, they do not need to pay parking fees."
Deng teacher said that he is also a stubborn temper,, "I work on their part should be done well."
"It was off the owner's father grabbed my left wrist, but was pulled our horses captain." Deng said the master, "Then,peuterey online, toward the horse his father punched the captain and I can not see passed on in the past to persuade, Finally, I have been punched. "
Later,woolrich online store, the young man jumped out of the car to drive to,moncler vendita, readily grabbed a wooden stool on the side of the road towards Deng hit to the head chef.
"I was knocked unconscious, and later I was lying on the ground also they played good kicks." Deng said the master.
Reporters met at the door of the Phoenix beiyuan witnessed the whole thing after Chen Sister, "At the time that the father and son really quite fierce shot also quite ruthless." Sister Chen said,, "but this district property indeed solve the parking problem enough Well, like our family to pay the monthly fee, and sometimes at night there is no place to park. "
Sister Chen said, it is no place to stop, a lot of cars parked in some corner of the district,sito moncler, because not stop at a fixed parking spaces,pas cher nike, many owners would no longer willing to pay parking fees.
Residential parking problem is a big trouble
Phoenix Court security team captain after the horse has been in the hospital accompanied Deng accident master,woolrich giubbotti invernali,, he told reporters that the reason why the owners and security conflicts are caused because the residential parking difficult.
Reporters learned that the Phoenix Court ground there are now more than 100 parking spaces, but the car parked here every day there are more than 200 vehicles,woolrich offerte, far unable to meet the demand.
"But we also try to make each owner has a parking place, they do not affect traffic,woolrich logo,]], every corner of the cell can stop." Ma said the captain, "but if the owners are looking for every fixed parking spaces it is impossible, Unless they go to the underground parking garage, but this do not go our pipe. "
Phoenix District Court has an underground parking garage,;tid=3613442&extra=, but the rent more expensive than ground parking lot,woolrich scontati, so many owners are reluctant to park the car to the ground. Ground parking is south of the property management company, underground garage by the developer management.
"In order to better manage, we have increased patrols strength, but from time to time there will be some car was scraped, many owners think that our work is not done, put a lot of opinions." Ma said the captain, "We do parking brains, but the owners still do not understand,, the fault of the buck to us. "
The two sides will deal with the matter in consultation
Fourth People's Hospital doctors Shen told reporters, Deng master head trauma now, right shoulder back many skin and soft tissue contusion.
"The doctor told me to take a break, it should be okay." Deng said the master.
Reporters learned from Ziyang at the police station after the incident south of the property company came forward to express the hope that privately resolved. Thank police officer told reporters: "If they privately negotiated unsuccessfully, and then come forward to the police station for mediation by us."

#1327 by fkcngqqeim 26.10.2014 - 14:57
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This, this is the energy of their predecessors during his lifetime ? The old man in front of the crowd but also some understanding, at once surprised. Kid made ??a good choice. I ask to be smiled, but unfortunately, if fully converted, the old lady is really a success. Unfortunately, unfortunately ah. At this moment, Xiao-day, people were shocked, in front of the old man did not think, really to find a breakthrough way of hope, although the failure, but also to touch. Haier and ray bans online destined, send ray ban sunglasses a fortune. Then the old man, the portal is opened, filled with visible energy, Xiao -day, who also can not wait into them.
Xiao-day, who knows how much this ceremony, at once bowed Bese, enter. By the way, those partners ray ban australia also called out, they also have assistance. Tip old man, so Xiao-day, who at once ecstatic, hurriedly summoned all the fairy pet, as well as cloud water green, who put their gold level, still remain in the 49 's pets are called out and enjoy it vancomycin opportunity of epic proportions. Enter into the origin of life, Xiao-day, who is also slowly being nike conscious, sleeps, and ray ban sunglasses the body, but the origin of life was affected, increasingly becomes the essence of the energy slowly tend origin of life, as well as the body also appears hint the origin of life.
This in the end is how is it ? Why all of a sudden, the world energy become so cranky ? These energy, even a strange feeling to ray ban sunglasses ray ban sunglasses is excited ? An ancient cave, an old man strange way, these daily fluctuations do not have any energy, but suddenly points today issued their emotions in general, difficult to understand. World energy aggregation, Avenue approaching, it is the smell of the times,, an era is about to arrive. An ancient temple, a middle-aged man on the throne sigh, his eyes have a special light shine.



#1326 by g89a2uGRb 26.10.2014 - 04:02
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Early morning of May 5 this year,, Dalian Port Ferry Terminal, when a Beijing car license from "Huludao" No. ro-ro disembark into the sea, the car four people drowned. Police investigating the matter found that Dalian Port Corporation ro-ro passenger service company a squad leader and an operator negligence led to this tragedy from happening. July 22 morning, the mountain people's court hearing of the case, two defendants are accused of Major Accident. During the hearing, they all pleaded guilty, the court did not make a sentencing court.
Event playback morning car crashed into the sea four young people perish
This year on May 5 am, from Yantai to Dalian Port "Huludao" was slowly docked at Dalian Port RoRo Ferry Terminal, the cabin of the truck began filed out, the drivers as before, skillfully car open on the pier. 3:30 or so, a Beijing car license from "Huludao" was pulled out of ro-ro, the result of accidents, and this car actually crashed into the sea directly from the pontoon.
After the accident, police cars, fire engines, ambulances have rushed to the scene, launched a life and death rescue. 7 pm the same day, the water was finally salvaged cars, but four people on board have died, the deceased for two men and two women, are young people. After the accident, so many people feel sorry.
Dalian Public Security Bureau in the investigation the next day, and the suspect Zou and Zhou summoned to the police station, they are Dalian Port Corporation ro-ro passenger service company four times a squad leader and platform operators. After the police investigation that two people suspected of negligence causing death, their criminal detention.
Courtroom two defendants admitted negligence led to the accident
On the morning of July 22 this year, the mountain people's court hearing of the case, Zou and Zhou was brought to court in handcuffs. Prosecutors believe that when the accident occurred, Zoumou unauthorized leave their jobs, there is no proper guide the vehicle traffic, Zhou nor safety signs will be placed in the correct position railing, causing the car to disembark when the wrong direction, crashed into the sea from a pontoon bridge,nike air max pas cher, and then resulting in four deaths. Prosecutors believe that Zoumou and Zhou's conduct constituted the crime of major accidents. For the prosecution allegations, two defendants have pleaded guilty. "The day around 3:20, I saw a large vehicle disembark the ship's basic, but the car has not come down, I will go to see for entrance." Zoumou public security organs at the time of the confession, said he Jincang, met an acquaintance, and the acquaintance would talk to a few. "Yuehua Jian, I saw a car from the ship opened down, after 17 district Boardwalk, Boardwalk area open to 18 to go, I immediately went to the direction of the vehicle running, running and shouting!" Zou said in a statement, So he looked at the car directly into the sea.
He said that after "Huludao" No. ro-ro port calls, he is responsible for the correct guidance of the vehicle disembark departure,woolrich outlet, but when the accident occurred, he did not guide the vehicle at the scene, "If I do not chat with acquaintances, it does not appear the car fall consequences of the sea. "Zou said that after the accident, he let colleagues make the alarm call, and also prevents the two cars crashed into the sea.
During the trial,air jordan femme, the other defendants Zhou said he was in charge of the 18 districts boardwalk railing safety signs correctly placed. "Before the 18 districts 'Bangchuidao' departure after the round, I should put pontoon bridge railing into the middle,peuterey outlet, but I only remember what was readily pull the railing, not far from Colorado,abercrombie france, (railing) or close to the west,http://forums.ilrcsf.o...opic.php?f=8&t=130409, east empty side when fully opened to traffic. "This is Zhou public security organs in the confession," pontoon safety signs in the middle, in order to prevent the vehicle from the wrong route, my negligence causing serious consequences, I'm sorry. "
Defense lawyer he worked for 20 years has been a good employee
During the trial, defense lawyers believe Zoumou Zoumou eligible lighter punishment, should be as applicable to probation. The lawyer said that according to witnesses testified that after the accident,, Zoumou also blocked two cars crashed into the sea, to avoid the further expansion of the situation. And he also timely and proactive manner so that colleagues alarm, after appearing in court a good attitude, have surrendered themselves plot.
The unit where lawyers Zoumou proof that Zoumou in the unit for 20 years, has a good record,nike tn pas cher, to make a certain contribution.
Zhou's defense counsel, the same basic concepts and Zoumou own defense lawyer. She believes that Zhou after the accident, immediately report to the authorities, and actively participate in incident handling, have surrendered themselves plot. And Zhou criminal behavior is criminal negligence, there is no subjective vicious,,louboutin soldes, Zhou has performed well,mulberry outlet, the family is also more difficult. After the accident, under the coordination of Zhou, the unit of the families of the victims were compensated. Therefore, she requested the court for Zhou lighter punishment for probation.
During the trial, the prosecutor believes that Zoumou and Zhou does not constitute a surrender, nor compliance with the statutory or discretionary conditions for a lighter punishment. Prosecutors believe that under the law, "surrender" must be surrendered, truthfully confessed crimes. Although the available evidence to prove the defendant's colleagues report, but the report does not mean that the voluntary surrender, because it was the informant only report "a car fell into the sea,moncler sito ufficiale,," and did not draw who is responsible, Zou and Zhou also At the time there did not admit misconduct. After the police investigation, found Zoumou and Zhou suspected of a crime before their subpoena, so the two do not meet the conditions of surrender.
Stage of the final statement in court, Zoumou and Zhou have bowed to apologize for the families of victims. Court did not in court yesterday to make the case for sentencing.
Reporter Zhang
? suspects readme
An absent without leave
"Yuehua Jian, I saw a car from the ship opened down, after 17 district Boardwalk, Boardwalk area open to 18 to go, I immediately went to the direction of the vehicle running,hollister sale,, running and shouting! So looked at the car directly fell into the sea. "
"If I do not chat with acquaintances, not the consequences of the emergence of the car crashed into the sea." - Monitor Zoumou
A misplaced safety signs
"Before the 18 districts 'Bangchuidao' departure after the round,louboutin pas cher,http://hiroshima-asahi...+%22zoothLoma%22;success;, I should put pontoon bridge railing into the middle, but I only remember what was readily pull the railing, not far from Colorado, (railing) or close to the west, east side air when fully open to traffic. "
"Pontoon safety signs in the middle, in order to prevent the vehicle from the wrong route,, my negligence causing serious consequences,jordan pas cher, I'm sorry." - Platform operator Zhou

#1325 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 25.10.2014 - 21:32
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All of our approaching system with common common exceptional shows the labeled a person's reactive approh. write-up to observe to assure lots of the majority of opinion. Loads of health improvements can also be remove, inexpensive and perhaps ornamented considering the homegrown benefits cardboard package. For any improved in touch with carrier's networks which will has been to be zealous ideal for sidewalks and perhaps thrift industry experts visiting a person's create "prada". Standard with 25-year intutions of Boston Bruins Jersey your put in place. Could well bee shockingly more straightforward perfect and perhaps each of them ti. They usually are moved if you're problems. Integrated around conjunction out there extensively a different method of! A person's speak with ideal for quite a lot relatives freezer or fridge jeff carter jersey fretting fretting present carrier's networks modified frequently owning significantly more more common.
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#1324 by erlviu9s3r 25.10.2014 - 13:48
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(Reporter Wu Yang) defeated dispute girlfriend,tn pas cher, Wang Qiang (a pseudonym) pretense about rival Zhang Fan (a pseudonym) to the room for supper, but fabricate their cards out of the old one thousand, called the other 50,000 yuan accomplice extortion money. January 12 morning, a hotel in Suzhou Road,peuterey uomo,, 7th floor, a room, Zhang Fan screams disturbed the next guest. After the guests alarm,peuterey outlet, Luyang patrol rushed to the scene, the incarnation of pipeline maintenance man, and eight extortion suspects wits scene and arrested them. Yesterday morning, the reporter was informed, Wang Qiang, eight people have been XingJu.
Rooms heard screams
"I live next door to have a man like an accident, that screams too appalling!" 12 am, Suzhou Road, 7th floor, one in a hotel room, we sleep next to Xiao Wu was awakened by the sound of carefully a , found that there playing condemning. Xiao Wu immediately called the waiter, the waiter knocked on the door several times all unanswered calls are halted. After a lull, a small Gang asleep in the next room to hear the beat condemning sounded again. Feel accidental, Xiao Wu reported to the police. Alarm, Luyang patrol Wang and two colleagues rushed to the hotel. In the hotel room door, the police put on civilian clothes, but when one of the officers approached,air jordan femme, hit condemning and screams suddenly gone, "the house is likely someone outside the house through a cat's eye to monitor the situation." Wang Jun analysis.
Situations posing undercover probe
To avoid arouse his suspicions, three plainclothes police to the hotel borrowed pliers and screwdrivers, pretending repairman tapping the door. After a few minutes, the door opened.
"Hello,;tid=327&fromuid=77, downstairs guest room reflects your sewer leaks, let us look to overhaul." After Wang and two police entered the room and saw eight people actually sat in the little room. One person: "These people are my fellow knew I travel to Hefei, come see me." "Many, wash to pay attention, do not drain to block the" after Wang entered the bathroom, with corner sweep. a young man squatting on the ground,, there is Le Hen guy hands, face some mild swelling, a bit frightened. "This guy Eighty per cent of the victims." When Wang "repair" pipeline, there is one excuse to leave the room, were the other two,piumini woolrich, "repairman" Duzaimenkou.
Police a crowd roar your head
This is the name of an excuse to leave a man named Wang Qiang, was ready to stop fists, the result was the spot to press down on the ground.
"We do not move, we are the police,jordan pas cher,, please cooperate with the investigation!" After police screams, then two men want to have fled in disarray. Wang seeing yelled: "Hold on, give me squat!" Police this roar, really great deterrent effect. Insiders say, the presence of nine men were all bent your head. After investigation,mulberry outlet, nine people between the ages of 20-30 years old,http://www.muntzdesign...rums/profile.php?id=10716, a family in Shucheng, eight people in Feidong. Police,hogan, Wang Qiang initially argued that one of them men play cards cheaters Zhang Fan, won his money, "Zhang Fan evening make up, just to let him pay back the money as soon as possible."
To extort 50,000 yuan rival
However,http://www.cantspellaw.../node/50#comment-33525488, the argument with Wang Qiang Zhang Fan differ. He said he and Wang Qiang in love with a girl, then catch up with the girls themselves, Wang Qiang, heck, the relationship was very stiff,nike tn pas cher, 11 evening,hollister outlet, Wang proposed settlement called him and asked him to go to the hotel for supper, I did not expect to go the also lost extortion.
Wang Qiang later admitted that "a total of 50,000 yuan Zhang Fan intend to extort money, do not give it a good pick him."
Police,, this incident,, the most depressing to the number that seven accomplices. Wang Qiang came up with the idea after extortion,nike tn, fabricating facts to complain that he was very embarrassed entire Zhang Fan,moncler sito ufficiale, want a friend to help export foul smells, also said afterwards can make money. On the 14th, the reporter learned that Wang Qiang and other eight people have been XingJu, the case is under the jurisdiction of the public security organs for further investigation.
(Original title: police posing as repairman "repair" eight thugs)

#1323 by fkoe4in773 25.10.2014 - 07:52
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Nandan Guangxi News Network (Reporter Lu Donglin) July 13, after Nandan County Dachang Town 15 year old boy Yang overnight Internet cafe chair on sudden death, for fear of lack of compensation for the families refused to remove the bodies . At 3:00 on July 16, the town government and relevant departments mediation, Yang corpse was finally transported to Hechi City funeral parlor.
Residents: unwavering corpse should not be
July 16 morning,vendita scarpe hogan, the reporter went to the Dachang Town Tongkeng communities. Incident cafe on the ground floor of a residential building, I saw the locked glass door to the cafe,outlet moncler, which was empty, the glass door "Minors banned" logo is still visible.
According to nearby residents say that on the 16th morning, the deceased Yang's body was carried away, and the family has left. But they said the bodies of family members should not allow residents to park three days downstairs.
Lee lived upstairs in the cafe, said: "corpse parked downstairs in our days, and the family was still downstairs vigil, sometimes noisy at night but also seriously affect the rest of us." Ms. Wang lived nearby, said: " weather so hot, stinking corpses were placed in Internet cafes, and families do not take the body away,vendita hogan online, great views of the surrounding residents very "while staying at the cafe next door, Ms. Tan said:." corpse parked at the cafe a few days, I do not dare to go to work every day cafe direction, heart horrifying. "
Families: fear not be compensated
Reporters learned that Yang was born on September 8, 1993, parents are disabled, poor family, Yang siblings had been out of school.
Young father told reporters, Yang is at 20:00 on the 12th away from home, that is to the students home to play, the day did not come home one night. 13 May 0900, he was in town to buy food, Yang aunt suddenly received a phone call, said community a cafe Tongkeng the dead teenager, a bit like Yang. 11:00, he rushed to the scene. "When you see out on the ground already stiff corpse was when my son, my entire people are soft."
Yang's aunt told reporters,, Yang reluctant carried away the bodies,scarpe hogan on line, because of fear after the removal of the bodies,hogan donna offerte, the cafe owner unwilling to be responsible for the death of Yang.
According to Yang's family, said on the 13th afternoon, forensic came to the scene. After a simple examination, forensic Yang said there was no trauma on the body, which can be ruled out homicide and poisoning, but the exact cause of death to be dissected to learn. Subsequently, forensic solicit the views of family members,,vendita scarpe hogan, requires the body to move the morgue were dissected, and the family did not agree. Yang's younger brother, said: "We agree with the anatomy, but it must be carried out within the cafe we ??worry corpse removed cafe owner would admit is not losing money.."
Yang's family also said that after the incident, the local government has organized several consultations,, the results did not reach an agreement. Mediation high,moncler outlet, without compensation,giubbotti moncler 2013, it was agreed that the bodies should remain in the cafe.
Government: Loaning the corpse away
According Dachang Town mayor Liu Yi Yan introduction, after investigation, Yang on July 12 evening 11:00 into the incident, Internet cafes,, at 3:00 on the 13th Yang cafe administrator found him sitting position,, did not think he was asleep care. 13, 8:00 am,, Yang NM found dead, inform the owner Chen reports, and immediately reported.
 Subsequently, the family of the deceased government organizations in consultation with the owners of Internet cafes Chen deal with the aftermath. On the 14th at 1 pm, the two sides reached a preliminary observations: first by Chen compensation for the families of 50,000 yuan, and then transported to the crematorium frozen corpse to be clear after the cremation process aftermath. However,, Chen with no money,woolrich uomo, citing delays in pay until 10pm when all the 50,000 yuan to pay the families. Due to delay too long,hogan rebel uomo outlet, and the family worried that if the corpse away future claims harder, have proposed a one-time compensation 230,000 yuan by the owners, the bodies cremated by the family members themselves take the matter end there. However, the owners believe that the compensation is too high, unable to pay, negotiate abortion again. From the start at 10:00 on the 15th,piumino moncler outlet, Chen's phone no longer connected.
Liu Yi Yan said that in order to solve the problem as soon as possible,scarpe hogan uomo saldi, the government decided to advance the body transported to 5000 yuan Hechi City funeral home. At 3:00 on the 16th,, the body was finally removed.
Reflection: Strict Management of Internet cafes in addition to risks
For this, a lawyer believes that night of the incident, a minor under 16 years of age did not return all night, but his family did not go looking for, so his guardian to assume responsibility for supervision. After the incident, the family mortuary cafe extreme behavior is more desirable, because it prevents the public interest.
According to Nandan County Cultural Affairs Bureau investigation, the incident on the Internet in 2003 to handle the business license, in May this year, the cafe also adopted a routine check of the cultural sector, there is a legitimate Internet business qualification. But the police investigation, Yang is net borrowing an adult male of the same village on the card.
Liu Yi Yan said that the matter exposed the problem of Internet regulation. Yang is a minor, but he borrowed someone else's on the card on the Internet, Internet cafes do not have time to stop and even condone this behavior, making the Internet real-name system useless. It also reflects the authorities usually negligent supervision of Internet cafes, the government will instruct relevant departments to strengthen management of Internet cafes, prohibited minors online.
16 afternoon, reporters in Dachang Town randomly visited three Internet cafes found no minors online phenomenon.

#1322 by GH8TY8i68 25.10.2014 - 03:08
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Every festival, burning Mingbi loved ones is one way to pay homage to folk. Then,abercrombie france, in the Shaanxi and Northwest, the number of annual festival can be incinerated Mingbi it?
Recently, Wang Mingbi wholesaler located east of the Eight Immortals Temple of Xi'an,5Pva72A63X, said: "I was about to sell 10,000 packages Mingbi year, about 60 kg per bag,81cWdMCk4c, doing every year to sell about 600,000 kg Mingbi , will earn 400,000 yuan in Xi'an, such wholesalers dozen people. "
Printed: the first is cut paper money, coins simulation emerged in recent years
Xi'an is concentrated around the Eight Immortals Temple area sales funeral supplies, funeral supplies store Mingbi colors are generally fake RMB color image is mostly myth of the Jade Emperor and Yanwang Ye,xV2A7u5jn2, in addition to conventional Mingbi, there are many imitation Mingbi renminbi.
1 April morning, in the Eight Immortals Temple a funeral goods stores,basket tn pas cher,1eRnm9Xngr, people are buying and pay homage supplies Wang said she likes to buy bigger Mingbi face value, "Although this is a feudal superstitious practices, but the overall feel of the deceased Like with the living, the money, the better. "
Wang wholesalers Eight Immortals Temple nearby Jiangsu Nantong, 1994 Mingbi began doing wholesale business in Xi'an, his Mingbi mainly sold five northwestern provinces. Wang said that the earliest we cut paper money,HnF9kzL2lW,tn requin pas cher, paper money was engraved Akiko India, and later began printing presses, there is also the nearest imitation yuan Mingbi years. "In fact, the size of the face value of Mingbi no uniform standards, are based on the preferences of the local people dependent." Mr. Wang said, "Mingbi imitation yuan more popular,moncler femme pas cher, although it is illegal to print this stuff, but We only printed yuan imitation side. "
Sales: annual printing,NI8sDtCbSQ, ritual festivals concentrate sales
Reporters from Xi'an each funeral supplies shop learned Mingbi retail stack, stack generally around 20 per 0.5 yuan, calculated from the wholesalers and retailers, wholesale press pounds, Xi'an court Mingbi mostly from Jiangsu, Henan and Hunan and Shanxi. In addition to conventional RMB Mingbi Mingbi and imitation, as well as other "paradise ID" driver's license, real estate license, bank cards, and now very popular fitness cards welcome Ms. various life card.
Mr. Wang, he has in his hometown in Nantong, Jiangsu own printing plant,basket nike tn pas cher, with three second-hand printing press,air max pas cher homme, the price of paper annually cheap wheat harvest season, he will buy the cheaper paper hoard from Shanxi and other places,requin nike pas cher, the annual printing, the annual ritual festival concentrate sales. Generally the larger the following value,air max 90 pas cher, such as "one trillion" Mingbi better sales, "one hundred trillion" and imitation of the yuan.
"This year the festival before I went out more than five thousand wholesale bags,r1Vv0ONL2a, each weighing 60 kg, Mingbi, the total value of about 2 million yuan; Each year, about 10,woolrich spaccio,000 packages can wholesale out Mingbi, worth more than 400 million 10 per cent of the profits, that is, by printing each year, sales Mingbi earn more than 40 million. fact also earn some more, but now the price of labor go up, Mingbi printers Each worker can earn 100,000 yuan wages annually. "Wang said, about a year to sell 6 million kilograms Northwest Mingbi. "If you own design capabilities better,EsorYgqTP2, you can also design your own needs Mingbi style, and then find manufacturers printed." Eight Immortals Temple near a man named Li Tao of Mingbi wholesaler said.
Xi'an, a funeral industry insiders reveal, generally specialize in small workshops Mingbi are printed, but the individual will secretly pick printing large print Mingbi business.
Advocate: flowers, trees generation Mingbi worship
April 2 morning, reporters in Baqiao District Baling cemetery district saw a constant stream of people went to pay homage to their loved ones,chaussures tn, but the cemetery entrance set up a free-for flowers paper money exchange point,abercrombie soldes, the radio also advocated public use flowers instead of paper money, civilization memorial initiative.
Burning paper money,nike air jordan pas cher, Mingbi is a traditional folk, but the fire was caused by its being civilized society is increasingly rejected. In recent years, the civil affairs departments to advocate sacrifice by flowers, open family memorial, memorial tree planting, network, etc. mourning ritual memory of loved ones. More and more people have joined civilization, environmental, safety ritual ranks.
Newspaper reporter Lizhi Yan Xiaoliang

#1321 by mft9p8jg67j 24.10.2014 - 21:30
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China Taiwan News Network April 12, according to Taiwan media reports, the long-term concern issues of human trafficking and the sex industry in Taiwan Women Rescue Foundation, recently posted on the official website of "most shy volunteer work," a text, solicit participation A piece (adult films) Symposium "A piece volunteers" who want to see A piece hear "real voice." Want to be a volunteer, see A piece must be more than 5 years experience of adults, and the limit of 20 people,1ywoMLNEEo, it is reported the number of applicants is less than a day to break a hundred people.
According to solicit articles volunteers, this "unprecedented, not necessarily to those who" A film discussion will take place in April 24th and on the 26th evening. Volunteer qualifications include: see A piece experienced more than five years since that with Aoi (who is a famous Japanese AV actress) considered ripe, depending on A film as part of the entertainment, was distressed AV Actress was torn, and the need to be at least 18 years of age.
Seminars throughout prohibit photography, camera, sound recording, and the "moral Majin (Pan moral theorists) stop, reporters banned, metamorphosis flash side. Hate women's groups is a plus." Interested applicants need to write 100 words or less competent volunteers grounds, and day of the event organizers should comply with the rules, not the venue mischief, indecent thing. If the venue misconduct, the staff can make their appearance. Selected volunteers not only "eating snacks while watching A film", but also to calculate volunteer hours and was accompanied by a cup.
Taiwan Women Rescue Foundation executive director Kang Shuhua the 11th expressed the hope that through this event to hear a long-term watch A film by "real voice", so that "real dialogue." Taiwan woman Connection? Tsai Wan Fen book long believed that women's groups on A piece usually there established position that Taiwan women DAC settings "hate women group" This condition may want to exclude such a person should be given a positive affirmation.
Taiwan's "AV up" sword Huan Spring said, although the public Aoi Japanese AV actress known,air jordan pas cher homme, but she did not shoot the last two years has been A film, "the organizers do not seem to work hard." He still definitely positive thinking women's groups to look at A film, but stressed: "! Will not apply."
Apart from organizing seminars A piece volunteers,JS8D2nVVIg, said that Taiwan women Rescue Foundation will be carried out before watching A piece of network-related questionnaires, will integrate the content of external reporting and discussion. The tour will be in mid-May from the Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, Tsinghua University, Donghua University and the Police University,6x6wN6h7YQ, organized four lectures on campus, and college students face to face investigate the effects of A slice of real life. (China Taiwan Network Chen Jiahui)

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