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Clan  Merry Christmas
written by Phype
18.12.2009 - 20:26
Links: n/a

Die Devils Rejects wünschen allen Membern und sonstigen Fahren schöne Weihnachten und viele (RP- & XP-)Geschenke.


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#1320 by fkoexkb190 22.10.2014 - 23:08
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Asian Heart Network (Ben intern reporter Tao Ya) Shawan merchant Township Po Village, 67-year-old villager seedling Ren Yuanzhong,;forum=9&topic=106813,hogan rebel uomo outlet, cattle for many years, first time I saw long with four eyes,hogan 2013, two mouths cattle. "My family's cow gave birth to such a calf."
Mavericks black coat, head than normal calf's head a little larger, sides of the head have two mouths, lips side have two eyes, which both eyes in the middle of the head of a long eyes. Two mouth has teeth and tongue.
April 20, this reporter went to Ren Yuanzhong home,hogan scarpe, saw the calf just born four days,, it is Ce Zhaotou lying on the ground. Mavericks black coat,outlet moncler, head than normal calf's head a little larger,, sides of the head have two mouths,hogan femminili, lips side have two eyes, which both eyes in the middle of the head of a long eyes. Two mouth has teeth and tongue.
According introduction, April 16 morning,,hogan italia,, when he gave birth cows,giubbotti moncler outlet, cows produce very slow,piumini outlet, shook his big head after struggling calf is born,,hogan prezzi bassi, it fell, and then it never stand up.
At noon, the reporter saw the calf feeding process. Ren Yuanzhong the Mavericks picked up, his wife Liu Yulan hand leaning calf's head in one hand and the bottle to his mouth calf,hogan interactive donna, Liu Yulan give mouth the left calf fed milk, and gave the right of the mouth feeding, calf two mouths can eat.
said the mother of year-old calf, born before the only calf,hogan prezzo, cow birth to three calves,moncler outlet roma, development is normal. Now Ren Yuanzhong couple biggest wish is to have a professional who can give calf surgery, let it stand up.
Secretary of the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Reclamation Institute of Animal Zhangxing Ya told reporters, deformity calf appeared only rarely,, possibly because cows eat during pregnancy bland food,, affecting embryonic development, the Mavericks generally difficult survived.

#1319 by f7F8g0q745s 22.10.2014 - 12:00
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Author: Evening News reporter Xu Peijie
WASHINGTON July 12,hogan outlet,, 2011,scarpe hogan saldi, occurred at the cross roads and sidewalks Gannan Jiuquan serious road traffic accident: drunk driving hit two pedestrians in after Zhang fled the scene. May 14,http://xn--6mq179ao2g....=488810&fromuid=87608, reporters learned from the Chengguan District Court, Zhang found guilty of traffic crime, was sentenced to 4 years in prison,hogan alte, respectively,hogan donna interactive, compensation for the families of the deceased 220,hogan scontate,000 yuan. After the verdict, Zhang appeal.
At 3:45 on July 12, 2011,scarpe modello hogan, Jiuquan Road,hogan uomo 2013, Chengguan District, Gannan Road Cross accident occurred,,prezzi piumini moncler,, the perpetrators fled the scene after the incident,, two young men lying in the middle of the road, under a bright red body through here ...... of a taxi driver to see behind the scenes of this immediately to the police. 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene, a young man has no breathing,hogan blu uomo, another person serious injuries after she died.
Just look around the traffic police car accident, one of Kota to call, said: Near East Gang, there are cars broken glass,prezzi hogan,, the right front wheel burst onto the Donggang Pentium car overpass, Yuzhong direction to go through. Police immediately chase before Donggang Bridge toll station to catch a Pentium car. Zhang admitted that the man driving the accident occurred, but insists that just hit the guardrail. Subsequently,,negozio hogan, Zhang was taken to hospital, after testing: Zhang blood alcohol content of 124.4 mg / 100 ml,outlet hogan online,, is drunk driving.

#1318 by ihqmntbyoq 21.10.2014 - 23:09
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Although these two VIP boxes in very understanding person,YSL Cases, no fighting occurred, but it sold a total of two insect

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bite heart price seven thousand eight hundred, but also has allowedvery satisfied.

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Previously been removed by hand four thousand low-grade began, more than three thousand eight hundred shoot was also to deduct the cost of three hundred eighty procedures, but before it has been said Tian treasurer also exempt them into three, so As a result, just this two heart insect bite,already there has been fetched, at least more than three thousand five hundred pieces of.
After reading the two insect bite heart auction,anyway, there is no have to buy things, they simply followdirectly out of the auction venue, towards Han Weiwei said that the instruments used to test the power of the place around. Louis Vuitton Cases Really sure ? When Jumbo Court with the direction walked behind, the palace Yuqing secretly asked. For Yuqing Palace, this both without any instruments used to make Michael Kors Cases more peace of mind

xZjg coach factory outlet 3Md 7GLr

than fighting, because after all, the power of the instruments used is relatively large, it is very dangerous battle of wits, who can guarantee that the two sides have no damage.
Just very clearthe repair and operation of the power law is the law is very general, so she was quite worried about a fight,really give Han Weiwei slaves to cook a month before Yuqing Palace. Wei Suo Hey a laugh. nike air max Watching Wei Suo thought look, Yuqing Palace also some curious touches my heart. What is sure, six or seven of ? This kid actually has a relationship with Jumbo Court what ?and Yuqing Palace did not find that, in Michael Kors Cases andout together from Square after Lingyun, a monk wearing hats, has secretly followed behind Michael Kors Cases 's.

#1317 by GH4jEFDFF 21.10.2014 - 20:34
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Yesterday morning,woolrich sito ufficiale, a morning exercise at the north gate of the public near the Jinan Zoo grove exercise, found an old man standing arms drooping tree, motionless. See elderly strange posture, panic alarm to call people on the phone. The original old man in a nearby tree has been hanged to death for a long time.
Site visits:
Morning found hanging to the elderly
Jinan Zoo near the north gate is a small forest,hogan scarpe outlet, quiet environment,QDwR81H7T0, every morning there are many nearby residents here Morning. When reporters arrived on the scene, the elderly have been flat on the ground,9B6Qiea1ve, next to the deliberations are being elderly relatives funeral, died of old age about 70 years old,hogan scarpe uomo, wearing a blue jacket,outlet moncler, yellow feet is Semis new sneakers.
"This morning 7 o'clock, and I came here to morning exercise, see the old man's electric tricycle parked on the roadside." An informed public that are here Morning nearby residents, are more familiar with each other, "so I wanted to talk to the old man to say hello and I saw him from a distance, he 'stop' in a tree next to a motionless, drooping arm, leg is a not very standard horse-like at first,VzCThJsR9e,hogan offerte, I thought he was practicing qigong on dared to disturb him. available after a while children,tute moncler, the elderly or maintain this position, so I became suspicious,oKdOxIo02F, they and another one this morning exercises residents nearby reported to the police. "
People sigh:
"Walk this way people sad ah!"
Reporters learned that police from the old man's pocket to find a small box made of a small stack of medication card. About palm-sized card, which also had written contact. Morning Mr. Wang told reporters in which there is a piece of paper and wrote, "I have the disease ......" message,hogan donna 2013, the public speculation may be the last words of the elderly. "Estimate for the elderly may be the body is not good, so went this way." Wang sighed.
"To go this way at this age, people really sad ah! Hard all his life,hogan uomo,P6xDqSn549, to enjoy life at this age is when you can say, really did not expect to go this way." An old man surnamed Huang said, Looking at the scene in mind not the taste. Huang uncle said, and pulled out a kit to do those filled with words from the old card pocket, you can see old people have the idea of ??suicide has been a long time.
Experts suggest:
Huijia look more important
Data shows that China's nearly 30 million people died from suicide each year. Among them,3i5dp15CwG, the elderly are second only to "17-34 years old," the second suicide peak segment. The provincial capital of a psychological counseling center Zhuangzhu Ren commented, "elderly suicide are mostly missing by family care and social roles of older people out of position these two causes. Accelerating pace of society,7FohxSU2ei, many children accompany their parents rarely busy chat communication, making the later years of decline in the quality of life for the elderly. actually spiritual support is more important than material support, Huijia see also allow the elderly to meet the parents than on the money to meet. "
Zhuangzhu Ren think older people should learn self-help,outlet hogan online, mutual aid. To actively get out and integrate into society. To keep the mind peaceful,hogan rebel uomo outlet, usually more than a game of chess,geNPl3imol,scarpe da uomo hogan, walk, much stronger in some social activities. Especially when the mood is not to be more comfortable and family,hogan italia, friends and other communication. Can be more to the park, Peak, where many elderly people to walk, his own emotions to share with you, to avoid the recurrence of the tragedy. Trainee reporter Zhang Fan

#1316 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 21.10.2014 - 17:02
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#1315 by jdls11fd82 21.10.2014 - 06:09
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 ,outlet hogan online
Yesterday, one called "318 car experienced" multiple forum posts in the city caused a heated debate. Posts in the masters called "Little pig,," is a tour guide, Post said, February 8,, the day before her 26th birthday, because in 318 Road on the bus refused to touch the bag thief seat, 3 was "blocked the way of getting money," the touch bag thieves, publicly gave her a slap in the face and burst beat, while more than 20 passengers on the bus unmoved, so she was very scared.
This is the post soon fueled hot: Thieves in condemning the touch pack and passengers indifference, while some people think that she had been winning respect and admiration; others believe that she "did not stare was head",outlet hogan on line, do not know how to protect themselves.
Comic / Zhang differences
Bulging pockets of migrant workers
Provoke touched package thief
Yesterday,http://e-learning.tsu....ex.php?item/create_form/1, the reporter contacted the "little pigs" Little had, she told reporters on the scene that day. Small said, 8 February afternoon, she and her mother and a girlfriend and Women's Hospital in Nanping station on the road to a 318 Shapingba bus, on the train with them as well as three young men, when the car There are more than 20 passengers on.
"I thought they were the passengers,piumini moncler outlet online, but to see them wink at each other, I suddenly understand a few are touched package thief." Small said,outlet scarpe hogan, three men keep inch head, face some scars, they got on the ride noticed After the entrance window of a migrant workers: pretend to be his pockets bulging, and a few red hundred notes exposed. Small said, she sat behind him on the bus after migrant workers rely on the aisle seat,;no=5388&page=1%22, she was ready to leave the window seat mom. And then, a man rushed over, cheeky ferocious: "Get out ..." "You let let" Little said,http://e-learning.tsu....ex.php?item/create_form/1, she knew the man to let him seat, was simply trying to occupy a favorable position to touch the package, "then? thought very naive, that so many people on board,, do not you dare hands? long as they do not let them steal not. "
Small had friends constantly pulled her clothes, told her to make the calculations,http://www.chrisadamsp...ex.php?item/create_form/1,hogan outlet milano, but she did not know where the courage, determined not to allow. Who does not see the small seat, a man brandished arm, a vicious slap to small had the cheek, "I plummeted to a head on the seat backrest, a long time to get up." Small said, and then he was two men arrived in the seat beat, her mother and his girlfriend were stopped in the aisle, I just heard my mother constantly crying: "! Even let seat,moncler outlet italy, it can not beat it."
At this time, had heard little in front of the migrant workers cried: "You are doing son!" Then, little had seen one of the men pulled out a knife, gestures in the air,hogan outlet roma, and then, actually no longer speak. Until the bus bound for Nanping station, three men sped away this off, beaten lasted nearly five minutes.
Small woman protect migrant workers
In exchange for "Mind your own business"
Small said, let her think that three men just the car, it suddenly noisy silence of the original car, his eyes had suddenly gathered in a small body.
A middle-aged woman stepped forward to comfort her, said: "The young girl, was beaten so badly, the first thing oh there?" One sister is eloquent rebuke from her mother: "Your daughter was hit, you do not shout We also think that they and you are a man yo. "
Small said, the passengers heard the words, even when it is playing no tears, she could not help but burst into tears. She asked passengers face indifference, do we really do not know what they are touched package thief? If there is a man of justice,outlet milano hogan, maybe she would not be beaten. The accused had heard little to restore calm again inside.
Small said, the car is coming Shapingba Station, about to get off when they are sitting in front of him migrant workers suddenly got stopped them. Migrant workers had pulled out 200 dollars superimpose small, so she went to take a look at the injury, said: "Meier, I know you're trying to protect me,tuta moncler, but I must advise you that some things help to help, not help do not help, since they do not stick your nose in the tube. "
"I did not order this 200 dollars, was playing." Small have seen the money handed to feel very aggrieved.
Small said that she was a tour guide,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, designed with a foreign tour, have a good income, not for the money. Although in hindsight, it is indeed migrant workers for her sake, but still she could not accept that she then refused to accept 200 yuan for medical expenses.
This series of articles / reporter Gu Xiaojuan
Face to face ""
I was a forthright person
Reporter: Why did you do that?
Small had: the beginning, did not mind so many pieces,, I do not know where the courage, they did. Probably because of the relationship of family education, my mother is a corporate executives, small education we need to do honest man, so I have developed a straightforward character, I could not understand petty theft, hit the woman could not understand. Love to see the record straight.
Reporter: Then it was after the fight heart afraid?
Small had: To be honest, now that the idea was very simple, I thought the car so many people, I think they're very unlikely in public hands, as long as I do not allow,prezzi scarpe hogan, they can not succeed. But then still a little scared, and they hand holding a knife, maybe it will stab me.
Reporter: What is the greatest feeling my heart?
Small had: I feel very scared, probably because everyone timid, there is not even one to help me.
Reporter: next time do it?
Small once: It may still be,interactive hogan, I was such a character, but without everyone's help, personal power is really small.

#1314 by mft9p8jg67j 20.10.2014 - 21:16
Avatar   not available offline quote

Southern News adverse impact has not subsided in Guangzhou Huangpu Avenue see also special vehicle license plates act violently. Yesterday morning, a special license plate to hang a red flag with a Mazda car rear-end accident after blindfolded license plate, the Express reporter went to interview Linliang Tian Hongqi car but was beaten by four men and robbed phone to delete the photo, and the scene disposal of police behavior on the four men were not stopped, Guangzhou traffic police officer is slightly yesterday commented that reporters "did not find out the truth Source: Southern Television" line today, "Chu, the bark." At present, Guangzhou police in the investigation.
Red car rear-end accident caused a chain accident
40 minutes,moncler pas cher homme, Huangpu Road west to east direction of the hilltop village on 11 accidents occurred last night, a red flag with a Mazda car rear-end.
The scene is located just South China Huangpu Road exit fast downhill position. According to eyewitnesses, the Red Flag sedan speed quickly, in the lane closest to the middle of the green belt of rear-end the vehicle in front, red car was severely damaged, the front cover is lift the front of the car up.
After the accident, witnesses saw Lee walking down the red car driver after shaking, confusion, guess whose drinking, red car ride more than men, one was injured, but the injury is not heavy.
After police arrived, pulling aside the security cordon, leading to three lanes with two lanes occupied. A fast-moving truck brakes less, hit the front of a taxi, the taxi and hit the front of a Highlander, a taxi was severely damaged, but fortunately there were no casualties in the second accident.
The driver block specialty license plate
Witnesses Zhang said he saw the red car suspension specialty license plates. After the incident, the car went around a man want to tear down the license plate of the vehicle, "but because of severely deformed front, get in there for a long time, have not been successful."
Yesterday 0:20, Express reporter Linliang Tian arrived at the scene after receiving the rebellion. He saw one wearing glasses, wearing reflective clothing and five men police are parties to negotiate the issue of compensation, of which more than men flushed, you can smell the alcohol.
said the site did not pull the blockade, a black car parked in the left lane Huangpu Avenue from west to east direction, which severely damaged the front, the rear license plate was covered in camouflage cloth, another car accident car, license plate Guangdong A9629U vehicle is parked in the right lane, hit its tail. The site also parked a license plate for the Guangdong A9308 police police car, a command vehicle by the Police Association.
Zhang said the demolition could be causing car drivers to switch to camouflage license plate is not taught muffled licenses. Another witness also confirmed Zhang's argument.
Reporters interviewed camera phone robbed
Panic, Linliang Tian took out his cell phone to take pictures of a vehicle accident, the traffic police to stop next. At this time, the red flag the car down the four unidentified men are around us, a saw he was using a mobile phone camera, immediately yell and asked to delete photos. Linliang Tian immediately called to allow my colleagues to come to bring documents to prove their identity.
After making phone calls, four men will see also anxious to interview evidence, put him in the scene has been dragged ten meters outside the green belt edge. "Four men forced me press the green belt, someone grabbed my arm, someone hold down my legs, while others tried to grab my cell phone in hand, I shouted for help 'Help, help! Rob you, rob it! ', the other to see me cry choked my neck, as well as others punched his stomach. " said that after they have been controlled, the phone was taken away, photos are deleted, was let go several men.
Witnesses Fang confirmed that the incident happened they had really seen a young man (reporter Linliang Tian) is three or four men wander the street, as if to grab something.
Yesterday morning, the Southern reporter saw Linliang Tian body, there are many signs of pulling the injured arm, bruising back piece, members of the village police station has been issued for forensic power of attorney.
Guangzhou traffic police official said the reporter micro "bark"
said four men police he was robbed phone, on-site disposal indifferent. Also nearby are a security and an old man watching. See Linliang Tian old was beaten badly, then came out of words to stop, but was denounced each other, "Mind your own business."
said that until the man of violence more than a minute,1eQusgnOCn, the phone is stolen, this only came to police themselves Renzhaoshangtong loudly questioned why police refused to help, but traffic police, said: "If I am not on the scene, You'll be playing more powerful! so good you can! " colleagues rushed to the scene, four batterer phone lost in the police car, with the attendant away.
After the incident, Linliang Tian alarm handling, and they have been playing the issue released microblogging. Yesterday afternoon, the Guangzhou traffic police official micro "@ Guangzhou traffic police" suddenly Linliang Tian released microblogging commented that reporters "did not find out the truth, they bark ~ ~."
@ Guangzhou traffic police insulting language caused great indignation among the parties and friends, will reach hundreds of relevant comments within one hour. Some netizens Guangzhou traffic police strongly urged the parties and the public apology, but also friends and even guess "may also be the official temporary dry."
Police informed
Special license plates hanging car accident alcohol test driver zero
Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, said yesterday informed the media: November 12 evening 11:40 Xu, Tianhe police brigade received a public warning, saying a fatal traffic accident occurred in the village on top of the mountain road, Huangpu Avenue west to east direction, the traffic police department immediately dispatched police to the scene.
After police arrived at the scene, found a special license plate of the vehicle suspension and Guangdong A962 ×× plate passenger cars rear-end collision, the two truck drivers waiting at the scene investigation. Traffic police in accordance with the relevant procedures, immediately evacuate the scene crowd, set up security zones, vehicle accident scene, and immediately on the two truck drivers were breath alcohol test, the results are displayed as zero. Because obviously responsible for the accident, in accordance with the provisions of summary procedure to deal with it, identified by police vehicles side bear full responsibility, Guangdong A962 ×× small passenger side plate no responsibility for, the parties had no objection, and on November 13 the compensation is completed .
In the accident investigation process, there is a man claiming to be a newspaper reporter (at the time did not produce valid documents) to take pictures at the scene, causing Guangdong A962 ×× plate minibus driver Chen dissatisfaction, the two sides altercation disputes, namely Chen Dial 110 phone alarm. Since the incident broad sections of the road, and the speed faster, to ensure safety, site traffic to be two sides to persuade and guide road safety zone returns continue to clean up after waiting for the police station scene. Subsequently, the man has a dispute with several other men on the sidewalk, police heard shouting after the direction toward the sidewalk and ran for disposal. Tianhe District Public Security Bureau sent quickly after receiving the report, members of the village police station rushed to the scene, someone's personnel will be brought back to the police station investigation. After preliminary investigation, the man was a newspaper reporter in Guangzhou Lin, their arms and lumbar skin surface has a slight abrasions. Currently, the Milky Way police are investigating the incident as comprehensive.
Why do ordinary people on board crash so nervous?
Witnesses Zhang was very definitely told reporters the South, the car license plate for the special license plates, camouflage cloth was later kept up, but he did not pay attention to the specific license plate number.
Southern reporter learned in the interview process, due to excessive speed when the red car with the Mazda car rear-end. The driver was arrested for drunk driving is removed regardless, it is actually together simple traffic accident, an accident and no deaths. But why several men nervous?
This year on October 30 at 2:00 pm, along Huangpu Avenue had fake military vehicles killed four road workers adverse event occurs, the driver side of a prosecution has been arrested. Guangzhou garrison has recently stepped up military control of the investigation, the batterer why still so emboldened?
Whether the driver drunk driving?
Last night, the police informed that the media, on the rear-end accident two truck drivers were breath alcohol test, the results are displayed as zero. However, this result is not consistent with the reporter. According to the second accident knocked a Cantonese A06 ××× taxi driver described the driver of the red car accident indeed "flushed, a look that is drunk, can smell the alcohol."
Lee claimed a passing driver, the driver is male, about seven meters tall, more than forty years old,GQM2T65Sqo, flat head. After the accident, the driver came out from behind the cab exude alcohol. "If the driver does not drink, how would an alcohol?" Lee said.
In addition, being beaten Linliang Tian also said that the red flag car four hit men who have strong alcohol taste, drivers suspected drunk driving accident department. After police arrived, the red flag will not let police deal with people in the car, choosing instead privately negotiated compensation and Mazda owners. When Linliang Tian arrived, the two sides have negotiated almost the same.
Reporter robbed mobile phones, whether the presence of police inaction?
Linliang Tian said the process was beaten and robbed mobile phones, for his help, on the side of the police turned a deaf ear. Since then, he alarm, alarm police have not yet arrived at the scene, police wanted to drive away, he and his colleagues came up to ask for alarm, traffic police were also dismissed as "impede law enforcement."
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a number of media reporters tried to enter the Milky Way police brigade interview coincided with a large number of police out, including an insignia of two bars Samsung "a police inspector," police said, he was Tianhe police brigade commissar, yesterday collective activity, the reporter was beaten incident is under investigation, will report progress to the Guangzhou traffic police detachment after.
Last night, friends, "@ Milky Lo sir" on the microblogging speech, claiming the police party, saying "0:35 or so, I was in an accident near the vehicle to assist rescue team when he heard the accident site on the south side (Milky Way Construction Bureau intersection sidewalk) someone shouted, I look at the past homeopathy, find someone struggle, I immediately wanted to stop running past (the accident scene also keep traffic), and ran to stop, when the 5-6 meters away from the scene, they have spread. Later understand them because of what happened to delete photos dispute. "Southern reporter followed a review of its microblogging message, trying to contact them to confirm their identity, but without success.
Latest News
Provincial Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou traffic police microblogging apology
Guangzhou traffic police officer yesterday afternoon for micro regarding abuse reporters yesterday afternoon, Guangdong released microblogging @ Ping said: "We sincerely apologize to you friends @ Guangzhou traffic police also reminded colleagues note:! Micro-blog is an open platform that everyone can express their thoughts and emotions, there will be many different voices even further sharp criticism and questioning, we should humbly listen, respond positively; To HOLD live their own, do not put personal feelings to the work, must not be repeated this low a mistake! "
Last night, Guangzhou traffic police official micro also apologized to the new fast reporter Linliang Tian, ??said:. "My Detachment official micro-blog on your blog published a speech defect related comments,r01VCYNKYA, special to you and your friends to express my sincere apologies investigation, This comment does for me personally issued by the police detachment, detachment, I will seriously deal with the matter, and asked all the management staff microblogging this as a warning, strengthen management, thanks to our users in a timely manner to reflect the situation, the general public are welcome to continue our supervise the work. "
Written: Southern Reporter Li Zhong Zeng Chao can

#1313 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 20.10.2014 - 19:13
Avatar   not available offline quote

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Pasttime gears
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#1312 by ndf5f2gf6h 20.10.2014 - 04:09
Avatar   not available offline quote

People luotian May 23 (by Liu Fang Rui Yuwei) two British mountain Ji "90" drug guy came to the capital of Hubei Luotian nine town to beg for their gamblers Humou 110,000 yuan owed gambling debts Unexpectedly, both verbal disagreement, fight, actually in broad daylight on the street with a knife knives to injure,http://www.kamremake.n...s/thread-2827538-1-1.html,hogan uomo prezzi, resulting Humou back to be chopped. This should be released in the movie scene, on the 21st at noon has appeared in the scenic rural town.
Men's street police quickly chase their uniforms
Xu, Taomou two British Hill is 20-something young man, but it ought not,outlet hogan on line, then know a bunch of gamblers. Luotian Humou is one, and the second under Xu, Taomou duo 110,000 yuan in gambling debts. Xu, Taomou beg in several unsuccessful,,hogan donna interactive, no longer believe Humou verbal promise, decided to find his door begging, 21 at noon, Xu, Taomou drove Luotian nine town-owned street Meet on the Humou meet at a hotel.
After the meeting,scarpe hogan outlet, the two sides talked about pay back the money thing,, or sometimes because of Humou not out so much money, so the two sides had an argument,, and then wrestle each other,hogan rebel outlet, tear-to-door. During the scuffle, Humou kick in Xu Xu Chuaidao open to the car side,hogan rebel outlet, this time, Xu saw his car parked on the roadside, think not only do not pay back the money Humou, now dare themselves. Xu suddenly anger on the heart,scarpe hogan uomo, thought I had a machete in the car, then ran over the rickety, open the trunk of the car, took out a length of about 60 cm machetes, angrily Kanxiang Humou back, Humou time to dodge, its back is chopped. Passers-Seeing,, then alarm. After police heard the news,outlet hogan, rushed to the scene to control the scene, then taken to hospital for treatment of injuries Humou and Xu, Taomou back to the police station for questioning.
"90" acts weird guy admitted taking drugs
After Xu, Taomou Jiuzihe was brought back to the police station, their mental disorders excitement,hogan scarpe donna, bizarre behavior, manners exaggerated, irrelevant answers. Careful observation after police found two demeanor like symptoms after taking drugs.
So Jiuzihe police station the two men were taken to the Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron anti-drug urine test, urine test results show that the two smoked the drug. Xu duo after a little sober in the face of overwhelming evidence, they admit that they were taking the home and property,, "Ma fruit" and "ice" and other drugs facts, and that after taking drugs remembered his huge gambling debts yet still Humou , then drove to beg for their nine-owned town, the results impulse, hallucinations, did not control their emotions, only knives to injure the incident occurred, two per capita expressed remorse.
Gambling addiction eventually get into trouble, stabbing into the classroom
The investigation, are loving Xu,hogan nuove,, Taomou and gambling,hogan prezzo, and often gamble together, over Humou owed a huge gambling debt, end of last year Humou has owed 110,000 yuan of "code money" Humou knew a moment unclear,, but to hiding and eventually paid the price for gambling, chopped by Xu et al.
Currently, Xu,hogan outlet online, Taomou two criminal acts because many have been detained, the case is under further review.

#1311 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 19.10.2014 - 00:50
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#1310 by fkoexkb190 17.10.2014 - 23:02
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BEIJING, Jan. 31, according to Taiwan's "China Times" reported, surname of a public vocational teachers in Tainan, in order to lure 9 karma rapes of female students, although the defendant sentenced to 27 years by the court is rendered, and must compensate the victims of which five total 15 million yuan (NT,http://www.diamondring...orum/profile.php?id=26248, the same below); but the lawsuit end date, five female students without a penny of compensation, he turned to the public to apply for compensation,, the 28th Tainan District Court ruled that schools should compensate 5 victims families with 6.7 million yuan.
Assist the court in the Humanistic Education Foundation, said the case is the first Taiwan Teachers' Education Ministry "public high schools directly under the office of public compensation cases of sexual assault,woolrich giubbotti invernali, I hope," Minister of Education "Wu Ching-ji,giacca peuterey donna, mutatis mutandis, Hualien County, New Taipei City, Taichung City-owned Pei precedent similar public schools,piumino woolrich donna, students and parents to apologize and to abandon the appeal, the courage to take responsibility, let the pain soon cease.
Sentenced to pay the principal of the school, said the public has not yet received the relevant notification,woolrich outlet online italia, but she stressed that the school is public, still owned by "Ministry of Education" under the jurisdiction of this item if public indemnity must be paid, will be the "central" bill,giacche woolrich prezzi, as married with children and teacher surnamed Sun,vendita woolrich, was in custody after the incident, has been sentenced to prison in execution issued.
Tainan District Prosecutors Office Prosecutor Chih-Feng Lin Xiang read director, said public schools should assume liability Pei,artic parka woolrich, if the school can not afford,peuterey outlet bologna, by the "Ministry of Education" Provision of coping.
The Fund said the man, 57-year-old math teacher surnamed Sun,giacca uomo woolrich,, more than ten years in the vocational teaching, mid-level appraisal, but often in the classroom to himself as "Bowen with the door Young," "magic stronger than Zhang Tianshi" ,woolrich punti vendita, public intimidation of female students have a lot of sins past, present and future will be "raped,spacci woolrich, sexually transmitted diseases,, an unhappy marriage," the words bizarre, lied to have sex with him, you can get protection,outlet woolrich padova, whereby continuous trick 9 female students of sexual assault to succeed.
People of the Fund noted, surname teachers not only use class time to the hotel with a female student sexual assault, sexual assault also recorded the process, and even retired teachers room converted into a recreational sexual assault chamber; until January 2009, an injured girl to tutor for help, surname teachers brutality was exposed, the police seized as many as thousands of nude surname teachers in computer, only nine people suspected victims and sexual assault behavior may last up to 15 years.
February 2010 Tainan District Court ruled that the criminal part of the teacher surnamed Sun was sentenced to 73 years, should be executed 28 years, including five female students presented with civil compensation. The judge held that the plaintiff positive young victim, is not expected to actually encounter a wolf divisions Shi murderous, Debu vision while others worry about the victim and the suffering of the parents,, we can imagine; pen because the defendant as well as multi-property, and therefore sentenced the defendant should be compensated Each victim 300 million,, a total of 15 million yuan.
Taiwan High Court appeal the whole case,http://www.haojiyou106...iewthread&tid=5099006, the judge still ruling surname tion teacher for 27 years, the plaintiffs appeal "Supreme Court" was dismissed, the case in October 2010 is rendered.
But the lawsuit verdict so far, five victims without a penny, so the assistance of the people to change the Foundation to fight public lose the lawsuit,, the Tainan District Court Jan. 28 sentencing, the school should be 1 million yuan compensation for each student, every parent ranging from 20 to 300,000 yuan, the total compensation for 6.7 million yuan.

#1309 by ghiytuh0h 17.10.2014 - 15:47
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He is one of only two college village in the 1980s, after graduating from a high school teacher in the county. However, this is the teaching of teachers, but in their students, "motherhood", the addicted to drugs, and a step by step onto the drug abuse,woolrich parka rosso, drug trafficking and manufacturing drugs of no return, the final will be waiting for him for 15 years in prison.
The occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse,http://home.kanto-gaku...68601/cgi-bin/i_light.cgi, Qionglai, Sichuan Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter walked into prison, and held in this former teacher of Chen Liu (a pseudonym) face to face communication. Speaking period of painful experience, he repentant: "Drugs ten million not stick!"
Out of college students in rural areas
When a beloved teacher
47-year-old Chen Liu, stature and thin, wearing a pair of glasses, speak very gentle. During the interview, head down most of the time, and only in talking about past experiences and daughter when teachers can capture a trace of pride in his eyes looked slightly.
Liu Chen was born in an ordinary peasant family in Pujiang County, the village is one of only two college year,, "the year and I go to college students,spaccio piumini moncler, it seems now mix very well." In 1989 from Chengdu Teachers After graduation,, Chen Liu expectations to become a high school teacher,woolrich boulder coat, after 10 years of teaching history and politics,http://www.hentaicraft...p?mod=space&uid=33637, and is scheduled to teach junior high school geography. "I do not scripted lessons, serious in a little humor." Chen Liu said that many students like his geography lesson.
No car no house life negative
Also fall into the "trap borrow money,indirizzo spaccio woolrich bologna."
20 years, plain, stable, impoverished lives of teachers, to Chen Liu brought a series of honors, also gradually awakened in his mind commotion and unrest. "Without the ability to turn knowledge into wealth, can not afford a car can not afford housing." Over the years, Chen Liu has been living in shabby bungalow in only 30 square meters. So he and his friends borrow money contracted a canteen, to the wife management, due to poor management, not long closed. "Spare time, but also about people playing mahjong, often losing money,, every three or four hundred." For that year only 1,000 yuan monthly income of Chen Liu,http://www.linzhou315....&tid=51922&extra=, these are spending a small fortune, he would find a friend to borrow enough money.
Recognized as a circle of friends, "nice", Chen Liu began to appear around all kinds of people looking for him to borrow money, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. "Even a friend were with her daughter, his father fell ill on the grounds, deceived me twice, a total of more than 5000 yuan." Mr Liu said, when his body could not take so much money, to the so-called loyalty, but also to find other friends around borrow, until you find yourself deceived,woolrich milano outlet, had walked constantly, "to borrow money to repay" the vicious cycle.
Trafficking in drug manufacturing
By student "dragged into the water" addiction drug trafficking
The track is completely rewritten Chen Liu Rensheng in 2010. He has taught a student, met in the street looking for him to borrow money and invited him to tea. "My body has been rather poor, cold constantly," hear the teacher say,giubbotti woolrich uomo, the students gave him recommended "medicine", "You just suck two colds at once like." In this way, Chen Liu in the restaurant for the first time taking the methamphetamine. "It was nothing to feel, to feel the spirit of a little better." Chen Liu feel that they are not addictive, but a few months later, he was again cold any connection with students and a few "friends" get together drugs.
So, with the third, fourth ...... With the growing drug addiction,sito moncler ufficiale, so this is not a rich life into a stretched position. Under a bunch of "friends" pull strings, while he drug, while drug trafficking, selling drugs come with money for their drugs.
Stuttering occurs before class lesson on drug refreshing
With increasing doses of smoked, methamphetamine has been a serious infringement of his brain nerves. "20 years of teaching books, stuttering when I first class, could have blurted out the words, but in the brain stuck up." Chen Liu said, and later the most severe cases, before every podium, he would suck a small amount drugs to give yourself refreshing. Chen Liu simply invited to school sick. "I want to kick the habit several times, the longest time is not out of the door two weeks,woolrich prezzi giubbotti, every day in the rental house those days." Mr Liu said that two weeks is this life flies the most negative long days , due to extreme sleepiness after taking drugs, "I almost did not get out of bed, think about the most is no longer sleep on a sleep wake up to how wonderful!" But Chen Liu's willpower to overcome the drug eventually no erosion, but bogged down, began to engage in the manufacture, trafficking methamphetamine activity.
Confessions addicts
Wrote in prison to persuade his wife to divorce regret "did not see her daughter wear a wedding dress look"
Jail within a few months ago, Chen Liu quit the addiction. "For me, being arrested was a relief." Know they will face lengthy prison for 15 years, he was a bit quiet. Look back on the old "poison Friends" - taught their students, this is the only son of his family was superior, but because the drug becomes a ruthless, no justice, no letter of "drug addicts" in the teacher Chen Liu was arrested after once students have been punished by law. While in prison, his wife Chen Liu wrote a long letter, filed for divorce idea, "but she did not agree." Mr Liu said his greatest failure in life is that "friends regardless of good or bad, do not understand the refusal" The biggest regret was "not in front of the old filial, also see the way her daughter to wear a wedding dress!"
WCC reporter Wang Lei
Chengdu Intermediate People's Court sentenced five centralized narcotics four defendants from the first trial of the death penalty
Huaxi Dushi Bao (Chengdu Intermediate Court Xia Xudong Liu Fangqi Chen Taiwan Rong Wu Liufeng intern reporter Chen Shangzhi) yesterday was "6? 26" International Day Against Drug Abuse, Sichuan Province, Chengdu Intermediate People's Court on five drug-related criminal cases from a centralized public sentencing. 5-day sentencing cases are cases of first instance, namely red Boon trafficking,http://cgi.www5a.biglo...p/~baby/joyful/joyful.cgi, manufacturing narcotics, Lau Kar Leung and other smuggling, narcotics trafficking,moncler a torino, the defendant Zhang Heng and other manufacturing narcotics, Knittel slope transport narcotics, Lo dragons manufacturing, drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms case. Among them,giubbotto donna peuterey, Lau Kar Leung organize others to the way drugs inside their bodies,peuterey outlet, carrying heroin from Myanmar to Chengdu dozen. Chengdu Intermediate People's Court held that, Lau Kar Leung actively looking for drug smuggling personnel, travel arrangements, receiving the drug,moncler collezione 2012, and the Department part owner of the drug, crime is extremely serious, is the role of the larger culprits. In the trial of these five cases, Lau Kar Leung,, Boon red four first instance sentenced to death, Xu Cheng, four received life imprisonment. Reporters learned from the Chengdu Intermediate People's Court, in 2013 so far, Chengdu city court handled 2,212 cases of various types of drug-related crimes, has increased considerably in recent years and the proportion of drug offenses accounted for the largest of all kinds of smuggling, trafficking, transporting and manufacturing of drugs first decline trend.
(Original title: student "led astray" drug refreshing former teacher lesson)

#1308 by yuitrujgh4o 17.10.2014 - 07:54
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46-year-old and 40-year-old Hebei people Kuei Sichuanese Ashanti (a pseudonym), are staying in a two-story building Qiuai Qiu village in the town.
This is a group of renters, home to six people, Kuei and Ashanti door. Due to limited conditions, six public with a family bathroom toilet.
Despite all the neighbors, but we just nodding acquaintance, but also no contradiction.
A month ago, Kuei husband forgot to close the toilet. Ashanti happened after this time, accidentally Miaole Yan toilet, saw a line of pants after using the toilet is Agui husband.
Coincidentally,scarpe moncler donna,http://www.pujingducha...p?mod=space&uid=20983, this scene just to be seen Kuei. Kuei jealous,piumini moncler spaccio, finds Ashanti is deliberately toilet peeping her husband,http://ying25.86.web12...?mod=space&uid=197112, that she is really shameless, Ming when local seduce people.
See the scene a little embarrassed,giubbotto moncler prezzo, Ashanti immediately clarified that he only glanced at random,, not intentional.
Buyiburao can Kuei, the two sides deadlocked. Fortunately,giubbotti woolrich uomo prezzi, there were neighbors persuaded to open before the termination of the quarrel. Ashanti thought that the end of the matter,moncler france, but do not want to Agui buried in the heart of this matter.
Since then,giubbotti tipo woolrich, Kuei saw Ashanti, will be directed at her some verbal abuse.
Initially,, Ashanti everywhere patience, I feel much less attitude,woolrich bambini outlet, no, and that they intend to find another place to live.
At 14:00 on September 14 and more, going to another looking for an apartment Ashanti out. When she passed in front of the alley, just to hear Kuei tell someone saying bad things about her, called her shameless.
Ashanti temper look up, rushed to the front of the Agui,, apart from anything else thrown two hand.
Originally heart Kuei not comfortable, which forbearance under the breath. She also outdone, face toward the Ashanti burst mad grab. The two women tussle together.
After the neighbors to see,moncler yoox, rushed to the police for help. Police take a great effort, it will tussle woman separately. Fortunately, they are just skin trauma, does not matter.
They were taken to the police station,moncler online originali, after a little mood to be stable, the police do ideological work patiently and carefully to both sides.
After police persuasion, Kuei recognize their mistakes,piumini moncler spaccio,, take the initiative to apologize Ashanti should not abuse each other,moncler official site, hoping to get an understanding. See Kuei sincere,,spaccio woolrich bologna orari apertura,, Ashanti also apologized for his first hit anyone. Newspaper correspondent Jiang Zhiqiang Huang a newspaper reporter Bo Johnson

#1307 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 15.10.2014 - 20:26
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After WASHINGTON (Reporter Liu Wei) girlfriend working barber shop checked, the high of a thought-girlfriend arrested for prostitution, then help others help activities, the results cheated 50,000 yuan. Reporters learned yesterday,kViydO318h, a suspected high fraud has been indicted to the Shunyi Tanmou court.
It is reported that high of a brother introduced to the business by the Tanmou. This year on May 21, when the high of a call to his girlfriend has been no answer, after learning that his girlfriend was working barber shop raided police, probably because he felt his girlfriend was detained for prostitution, then the idea came out to save her. The next morning, the high of a tan asked whether to think of ways to find people fishing, Tanmou casually prostitution detainees need 50,000 yuan, and let the high of a hurry to prepare money, good afternoon to give sent in the past.
After lunch, went to the high of a tan and Shunyi Public Security Bureau, the high of a wanted to go in together,piumini woolrich, but Tanmou say the high of a good act to follow, so the high of a 50,000 yuan in cash will be given Tanmou. About an hour later, Tanmou come out and say things have completed, will be able to release a week later.
The same day, another woman husband prostitution by a high, but also to the Tanmou 20,000 yuan in cash, the wife wants to get out. But a few days later,, the high of a know-girlfriend is actually housed education, then the police.
Tanmou after appearing in court, said he was due to loss of this business, they fabricate lies to cheat some money, in fact,, he did not help for a high, stolen money has been its profligacy.
Currently, the case is pending.

#1305 by erlviu9s3r 14.10.2014 - 13:10
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Chutianjinbao News Gold Daily News reporter intern Zhang Raochun Wu reported: "! Five children,, do not come pick me up, I want to go see the 'mother'" At noon yesterday, Hanyang District, within five miles Evergreen apartments for the elderly,, a Name dad angrily told reporters.
11:40 yesterday,spaccio moncler online, the reporter saw at Evergreen apartments for the elderly, some of the elderly in the broad courtyard in the sun chatting, some older people in the bedroom to rest, but there are an energetic old dad insisted over the old apartment The walls of the fence.
According to the staff of the apartments for the elderly introduction,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, this year 75-year-old dad Z, last November was sent to their children apartments for the elderly, when daddy is very happy here enjoying their later years. However, over a period of time,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, the elderly often clamoring to go see about a young 20 year old than his mother, this mother came to the apartment occasionally Z daddy.
When dad an interview with reporters, said he retired from the accounting positions, a state-owned enterprise, and his wife died ten years ago. Eight years ago, he found a bed of roses Miss Deng, but the child is not in favor of both sides, so he went into the old apartment.
Evergreen apartments for the elderly to the staff,hogan elective, the apartment is home to hundreds of elderly people around, including some people life can take care of themselves, yesterday was New Year's Day, take care of the elderly can be picked up almost all of the children,hogan prezzi,, and some elderly people also take the children paralyzed home together, may dad is stimulated, the festival feel more lonely,offerte hogan, only to turn the walls to make the move.
Subsequently,, the reporter's phone call Z daddy son, the other said he and his sister are juggling four, he is now not in Wuhan, and his son is facing the entrance, so usually do not have time to take care of the old father. But on weekends, he and his sister went to apartments for the elderly will visit, or the old father to take home.
Daddy is very healthy for the body, why not live together with their children? Son dad said,hogan saldi, housework things too complicated,woolrich outlet, hard to explain in a few words,moncler napoli, and stressed that the current rush out apartments for the elderly dad,hogan uomo prezzi, is not to reunite with their families, but to see Deng mother. Reporters turned daddy confirmation, he admitted that he is eager to find Deng mother.
Daddy's son, told reporters Deng mother usually to bring two grandchildren,http://hualianshe.saku...329802&fromuid=209233, could not take care of his 75-year-old father, and the general feeling old father, and her mother's daughter Deng also not in favor of the two old together,, there are times not Let's dad came to the door and door altercation, the children also to be considered old father before he was sent to the old apartment.
Z daddy's son,, said he would return as soon as possible,hogan interactive outlet, Wuhan,,nuova collezione hogan, scheduled for January 2 to Evergreen apartments for the elderly to take back old father, let the old father and child reunion.
(Original title: dad insisted seventy apartments for the elderly over the wall to find his girlfriend)

#1304 by jdls11fd82 14.10.2014 - 07:25
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"If a passerby fell into a manhole full of feces, you will choose a helping hand extended still far onlookers?" Zhu Shifu this issue in mind, there is only one answer: the former. At 16:30 on April 24 Xu, the provincial capital Ningguo Road Hong Kong Street,, watching the manhole in the outstretched hand of the swing, passers Zhu Shifu without the slightest hesitation,hogan outlet online, and immediately ran to the covered manure Wei is pulled out. His move, like a burst of spring, melting the crowd of passers-by indifference: umbrella rain, warm water brush,hogan uomo scarpe, helped the hospital, helping more passers-by to join, a love relay between a group of strangers accidentally started.
? Event
Distress: manhole in extending a hand swing
At 16:30 on April 24 Xu, the provincial capital Ningguo Road Hong Kong Street,hogan spaccio, Tung Tau, 55-year-old Miss Wei and her daughter after finishing things,hogan autlet, walked the street,,hogan calzature, ready to get on the train. Xiaoshao daughter opened the door, I looked toward the front of the co-pilot, but could not see the mother figure.
Xiaoshao wonder went over, "passenger seat next to his mother's package also on the ground, people are gone." She saw the feet of a manhole cover, heart hesitated, "finished, my mom fell in. "
At this time, under the mother's cry for help came manhole. Xiaoshao effort to move away manhole cover, Wei is stretched out a hand swing. "Mom,hogan scarpe prezzi, hold on, I'll pull you." Xiaoshao just bent stench will nostrils, "stinks, Mom,hogan scarpe outlet online, you've got all the feces na."
Xiaoshao memories,hogan olympia uomo, about 0.6 meters in diameter manhole opening, depth of about 1.5 meters. "After my mother fell off, sewage and manure swept over her chest." See his mother only hand could not move, Xiaoshao not too much hesitation, grabbed her hand, trying to pull her from the manhole, but it try After a few times, because of the effort is too small to no avail. "Help na,giubbotti woolrich, who will help me ......" Panic, Xiaoshao cried.
Helping hand: never too enthusiastic passers-stool helping hand extended
Day 17:00 Xu, reporters at the scene found that "eating people" manhole in the street, between a hotel and a tea shop. Tea store clerk,, after the cry for help came, they know someone trapped in a manhole inside, and all ran to see the situation,http://tu.linuxaudiosy...m/node/6#comment-71566259, "a look at the woman who is all manure and sewage,hogan interactive beige, no one wants to pull a forward . "see the rush of passers-by have become" spectators ",hogan interactive donna, Xiaoshao anxious eyes were all red.
Several witnesses, the woman caught Yinjing fifty-six minutes, passers-by Zhu Shifu going through here, ready to go to a nearby hotel to work. See woman covered with feces, Zhu Shifu without the slightest hesitation, immediately seize Wei is the right move, encouraged her to "take it easy," he bent over, his hands will Wei is a little pull manhole. See Mom body pulled from the manhole in a little bit, Xiaoshao also approached a hand,vendita hogan, helping the mother pulled out.
3 minutes later, 110 police arrived. At this point, Ms. Wei has been pulled out of the manhole. "Mom upper and lower body exudes stench,hogan outlet milano,http://www.dianfengsg....p?mod=space&uid=20552, the people around them do not consciously withdrew the pace." Speaking of which, Xiaoshao very impressed: "Only that Zhu Shifu mother stood beside me, thank him."
Response: passers-by side to help the woman to remove the feces of warm water
At the scene, the reporter found the Zhu Shifu, do good, he has embarrassed smile, "I never thought I then a yell, but also inspired so many passers-by to join in the rescue."
Passers-by to thank Sister is one of the first people who respond. "Zhu Shifu shouted the sentence to help na, I'll wait to continue with." Thank Sister said she ran a hotel within a few meters away, looking for someone to come with a brush and a pot of water. "There's the waiter gave me a pot of cold water,, and I think just under the rain, cool, and I begged the shop-for-a pot of warm water, the other immediately agreed."
Immediately,prezzo hogan,http://www.yk365world....viewthread&tid=594786, thank Sister brush dipped in warm water, a little point Wei is upper and lower body droppings removed. Zhu Shifu move around passerby saw love and thank Sister, and also immediately joined in, "Some passers-by saw that the rain has not stopped, they stopped to hold up an umbrella to help Ms. Wei storm Some passers-by to see us coming, Helping stretcher-bearers took the initiative, carefully put Miss Wei carried to an ambulance. "a 120 emergency personnel.
A few minutes later, Ms. Wei was sent to the provincial hospital. Doctors, after bathing, Miss Wei injury is not heavy, just a few soft tissue contusion.
Xiao Shao Wei is the daughter waited at the side,hogan maschili, put her dirty clothes thrown away, commissioned a friend to buy a set of new clothes.
? reason
"Recycling waste oil" To the covers loose?
In the hospital, Xiaoshao discussed the matter looked confused, "Mom normal walking, step on the manhole cover and fell down a bit,scarpe hogan outlet, and this cover is too fragile right?" Xiaoshao puzzled, why not fix up departments These manhole cover. Reporters noted that this is iron manhole cover, the quality is very good, there is no damage on it.
According to insider reports, this should not be the quality of the manhole cover, the lot of 'manhole cannibalism "may waste oil recycling and others concerned.
"How to fall, we do not know, but the reason for the accident,hogan rebel prezzo, because the manhole cover does not cover tight." Reporters learned that the crash site near the store several staff Recently, the municipal authorities nor the sewer for maintenance or other reasons move over the manhole cover.
"There is a group of people come here almost every day, they rode a motorcycle, carrying two hand usually vat." Repeatedly witnessed the matter of the insider,hogan scarpe uomo, at night or early in the morning, the group opened the manhole cover After you dig inside the oil, the action is very skilled, and moving and moving the covers on the loose. Insider also disclosed to reporters,,outlet hogan online, he told the group dialogue too. "Well dirty inside, I said, 'Why do you dig this waste oil with?' They say 'oil use in industry', anyway,outlet scarpe hogan, I do not believe."
Our reporter Wu Yang / text Zhuangdao Long / photo

#1303 by ty0gyzgr0q2r 14.10.2014 - 07:03
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Workplace becomes far
Employees can not post also claims
Why losing boss
? Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee correspondent Liu Jiyan Chen Xuemei Guo Jinsheng Huqi Tao
Due to workplace change far,hogan bambino outlet, six supermarket employees not only refused to duty,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, but also requires the owner to give financial compensation to court after being rejected. Yesterday, the City Court to the Chongqing Evening News reporter disclosure, the court held that the supermarket owner, in consultation with the staff agreed to change the workplace, if it can not reach an agreement,,hogan marche, you can terminate the labor contract,scarpe uomo hogan, but shall pay financial compensation. To this end,,giubbino moncler,, the second trial of first instance have suffered a defeat this boss.
Court reports, Tang has 6 people since 2007, has arrived at a cheap supermarket Fuling District lidu New Center area of ??work. Last July 26,prezzo hogan, the facade of the lease expires, the boss will be moved 10 kilometers outside the supermarket and inform Miss Deng,woolrich outlet,, who at times a month on the 1st duty work.
The same day,, six employees have no duty. Boss again issued a notice requiring the third day before the report to the supermarket,scarpe da uomo hogan, if not register on time, as automatic resignation.
However,scarpe hogan online, Miss Deng, who still report, also filed to an arbitration institution,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, requires labor contracts and requesting judgment supermarket and did not pay economic compensation paid annual leave.
Supermarket boss believes that six employees working arrangements disobedience unilaterally terminate the labor contract, is a voluntary resignation, they should not pay economic compensation payment.
Miss Deng,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, who sued to Fuling District Court.
Fuling District Court of First Instance that, in the workplace labor contract when significant changes occur, resulting in a contract can not be fulfilled,prezzo scarpe hogan, the supermarket should be in consultation with employees. Failed to reach an agreement on changes in the workplace,vendita scarpe hogan, you can terminate the labor contract, supermarkets should also pay economic compensation to employees, while employees in accordance with the year should not break off the number of days of annual leave pay appropriate wages.
Accordingly, the Court of First Instance ruling boss economic compensation paid six employees, annual leave is not paid a total of 46,000 yuan.
Boss refused to accept the appeal to the City Court. City Intermediate People's Court recently rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict,hogan interactive outlet.
Why such court sentenced
Changing workplace, boss and employee can not agree on this, the employee labor contracts, whether the boss should pay financial compensation? The judge Huang Di Ming,hogan donna prezzi, according to the Labor Contract Law Article VIII,, when hiring the employee,scarpe hogan uomo 2013, it shall truthfully inform the workers job content,scarpe hogan online, working conditions, workplace,hogan uomo, occupational hazards, production safety conditions, labor compensation and employee requires an understanding of other cases. Important factors to consider when workplace belong workers and employers to sign labor contracts,, should be an important part of the working environment conditions.
Huang said the judge,piumini moncler, in this case,https://www.jnjvisionc...ex.php?item/create_form/1, the supermarket because the lease expires,prezzi scarpe hogan, the need to move to a supermarket about 10 kilometers from the original continue to operate outside of the daily work of employees have a greater impact. This situation is a major change in six employees unforeseen labor contract when the objective situation.
Huang judge said, significant changes in the workplace, does not meet the original labor contract labor conditions. Therefore, the supermarket boss should be a consensus to change the place of performance of the labor contract six employees. If the parties can not reach agreement, employees can "labor contract fails to provide labor protection or working conditions of the employer" in accordance with Article 38 of the Labor Contract Law Section (a) of the labor contracts, and supermarkets should be based on the Act IV 16, paragraph (a) of the "worker lifted in accordance with the provisions of Article 38 of this Law, the labor contract," economic compensation.

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On modern cars (Reporter Enron) ahead of a bolted front door traffic police brigade Cao lid lying on the machine,jevWI6E0yK,hogan donna outlet, his hands firmly grasp wipers,prezzo hogan, loudly ordered the driver to stop. Yesterday morning,outlet hogan, occurred at the intersection of this scene ciqikou let past drivers,scarpe hogan prezzo, pedestrians indignation. Three driving through the people spontaneously came up, a few cars besieged, and finally in 300 meters outside the madness of modern cars do on the roadside. Reporters learned that morning from the Beijing police,Fk5xxhKgLf, the driver Liu has been arrested for impeding the implementation of official police criminal detention.
Yesterday, 9:45,38257OqXDc,hogan scarpe prezzi, when the Lower East Side traffic detachment front door brigade duty officer Cao,ltlDRpU0tR,offerta hogan, found a number plate is not installed modern sedans ciqikou intersection in north west direction To turn left,a8so8TB4Vc,peuterey outlet,Bj6srsuHy8, but did not stop in the lane to be transferred. Cao police immediately signaled the driver to cooperate with the inspection,8qWWf8Rt5m,prezzi hogan, the modern car driver then suddenly start,hogan outlet, front and crashed into Xiaocao. Caught off guard, the police threw the former CAO machine cover, only a tight grip catch wipers,scarpe hogan on line, and ordered the driver to stop immediately.
The driver of the car turned a deaf ear, suddenly fled westward turn,hogan rebel uomo outlet, Guangdong and Guangxi in the spacious consecutive road and lines. Such a scenario allows nearby passers stunned, but soon people react,hogan outlet, while several vehicles attached to modern cars,hogan scarpe, the car continued driving. When traveling to pray in the intersection,scarpe online hogan, crossing three car finally put it up,hogan uomo prezzi, it was not in the street, the driver was forced to stop. After examination, Cao police right wrist,hogan marche, left cross and back soft tissue contusion.
Reporters learned that morning from the Beijing police,hogan vendita on line, Liu several times due to open the black car was handling the relevant departments,hogan rebel uomo outlet, were intercepted yesterday when police,outlet hogan, he was driving an unlicensed vehicle pull the black live.
According to the traffic control department, remove obstructing,hogan saldi, Liu still three traffic violations, namely motor vehicles on the road is not motor vehicle plate, do not obey the traffic police command,4uN8xRvUtj, through light controlled intersections without entering the desired direction of travel oriented driveway. J060
(Original title: black roof traffic bolted 300 meters)

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