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Clan  Merry Christmas
written by Phype
18.12.2009 - 20:26
Links: n/a

Die Devils Rejects wünschen allen Membern und sonstigen Fahren schöne Weihnachten und viele (RP- & XP-)Geschenke.


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#1222 by wangyong1 16.09.2014 - 04:42
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considerato la questione come un grande oggetto nazionale, e, su richiesta del capitano Burton, ha elaborato una domanda ufficiale di me incorporare nella spedizione, e inviato al governo a Calcutta, con la raccomandazione di sua signoria; mentre io, in previsione della sanzione del Governatore Generale, Lord Canning, fu permesso di accompagnare il capitano Burton a Zanzibar in Hon. Della East India Company sloop-of-war Elphinstone, comandata dal capitano Frushard, IN, e di iniziare le operazioni in una sola volta. ugg boots
Questo vaso era stato staccato soprattutto su questo dovere di soddisfare le viste del capitano Burton, che una importanza politica dovrebbe essere data alla missione dal nostro arrivo in stato di ufficiale di governo al punto di partenza, al fine di garantire l'influenza e il rispetto del sultano regnante là. ugg italia prezzo
Dopo un soggiorno di una settimana a Bombay, durante i quali ho completato la nostra attrezzatura in strumenti scientifici e altri punti minori - per questa carica è stata riposta in me, a causa della mia precedente esperienza in tali materie - si salpa in 3d dicembre 1856, prendendo due "ragazzi", goanesi cuoco per nome ugg italia online
Valantine e Gaetano, con noi come servi, e in diciotto giorni sbarcati a destinazione, Zanzibar. La gentilezza del capitano Frushard, che ha condiviso la sua cabina con noi, così come le attenzioni costanti dei suoi ufficiali, in combinazione con clima piacevole e una tariffa liberale, previsto per noi dal governo Bombay in qualità di ambasciatori politici, ha fatto il tempo occupato durante il viaggio volare rapidamente e molto agreeably.2 Stivali ugg

#1221 by weijianying 15.09.2014 - 22:49
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#1220 by vha9n0Fb4 15.09.2014 - 18:46
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[Sound of Chinese network Hunan's] Changsha News unhappy all media reporters grid Qi Wei correspondent Tang Xiaodong) Hunan Huanglong County high school students fall asleep in school because of the double spread from the bed to the ground maimed. New County Court after hearing that the school for failing to provide qualified bedding and lax safety management should bear the full liability, Heze Gang Huanglong County High School won a new 120,420 yuan compensation for the losses.
2010 15-year-old enrolled in the new center Huanglong County schools early 151 classes,italia moncler outlet recensioni, when the school because the school boarders and more beds is not enough,, the boy was placed with the students crowded into a bunk bed in the upper berth. Around at 2:00 on June 9 2010,mulberry bag review, Heze Gang stand up from the bed and fell asleep,air max 1 gris basket homme air max, because there the next day,mulberry style mulberry handbag sales uk, dizziness,;tid=3020314&extra=,negozio hogan milano s... hogan interactive outlet, vomiting and was sent to the new County People's Hospital for surgery,, and later was sent to Hunan Province Second People's Hospital for treatment. Their injuries were identified as eight judicial disability.
Court that the school offers bunk beds Huanglong center shop security fence height and length do not meet the standard,pull abercrombie sweat abercrombie, "People's Republic of China National Furniture Beds principal dimensions" (contained in the "People's Republic of China Government Information Disclosure Regulations") regulations,scarpe hogan offerte online hogan donna scarpe, and letting two students sleeping in a single bed on while ignoring the potential security risks without taking the necessary safety precautions,Nike Air Max 90 Homme nike vandal, boarding schools because fewer beds and arrange crowded with students sleeping in a single bed on ,,nike air max triax nike air max fille, Heze Gang Department 15-year-old junior high school students, their age and mental state can not make it to predict possible security risks,,abercrombie and fitch ...rcrombie and fitch london,, so the school Heze Gang swap bed injured there are significant fault. After his injury Shaoyang forensic so Shao? Division was identified as a result of trauma resulting in right parietal epidural hematoma, brain contusion right parietal time zone,moncler giubbotti outlet moncler 2013 donna,, constitute eight disabled.
New County Court sentence the defendant accordingly Huanglong Center School bear all liability to compensate the plaintiff Heze Gang loss of 120,,air max pas cher fille air max 97,420 yuan medical expenses

#1219 by lpafqk33741 15.09.2014 - 17:35
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Morning News "since my kids did not take table tennis racket,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, on penalty during the class teacher to pick up the leaves on the playground, on the whole did a lesson." Parents Zhou said, if the school to punish students can take other way, no need to keep students in class.
She had got kids in Hefei Nanling Road East peace Primary School,,Hogan 2014, according to Zhou introduced the children to school every day will bring tennis rackets, racket calisthenics exercise to bring together. "November 4,,scarpe hogan uomo, due to the gloomy weather,,air jordan soldes, I thought it would rain, no children with the racket." Zhou said, I did not expect the school to continue to exercise a day, "after the end of calisthenics,abercrombie france, other students went to the classroom , the children's children, and my other grades did not bring the racket together, pick up the leaves in the playground. "
"If you did not bring a racket, schools may require students to take the other way, there is no need to let them pick up the leaves school hours." Zhou said,http://www.starchadhes.../blog/?module=kod1l3c2sf5,moncler outlet, the main task of the child to school is to learn,scarpe hogan outlet, if the class is not what is likely to be cultural studies fall.
Around at 13:30 on November 9,, at Nanling Road East peace elementary school main entrance, several students said the school does have a penalty because the students did not take the racket on things. School fourth-grade student said that the teacher let the students did not bring tennis to beat the podium left standing on the playground.
"One left standing is a lesson There will be asked to transcribe the job." Another student said, punished to stand very hurt self-esteem.
9 pm,http://www.xianfeng168...p?mod=space&uid=91108,moncler piumini donna,http://www.chrisadamsp...ex.php?item/create_form/1, East Peace Elementary School a responsible person surnamed Chen said the requirement for students to exercise with a table tennis racket case,abbigliamento peuterey outlet, true. "Because the school is a ping-pong cultural characteristics of the school,air max pas cher femme, if there is no recess pong racket hand do not regulate the operation of the action." The official said,abercrombie france boutique, for those who did not take the students beat the teacher to give criticism and education starting point is good, but if Some teachers to pick up leaves or left standing to require students really a bit too,chaussures louboutin pas cher, will be investigated as soon as possible.
"If true,, the school will inform the teacher, criticism and education should be moderate." The official said. Our reporter Wu Fuliang

#1218 by ja7m72hG1F69 15.09.2014 - 06:40
Avatar   not available offline quote

Families of the victims and insiders revealed
"Nanny confessed killer of his ex-wife has repeatedly tracking Yusha" continuation coverage
News Playback
Jilin Public Security Bureau in the information process carding four women have been missing in the detection and suspect Zhang Shu Hung arrest. Zhang Shu Hung confessed to figure fiscal purposes,abercrombie vetement,, has killed seven women and one man and mutilated bodies.
? reporter Wang Jing Brings report / photo
Jilin City News newspaper,piumini moncler outlet online, "and her mother lost contact, that was washed away by the flood it? Learned her mother killed, almost fainted." Yesterday,peuterey outlet italia, Jilin solitary Dianzi Town of (sound) told reporters about the missing mother Pang Shuyun through.
Working mother gone
The last two days, Jilin temperature is very low, in some places under the frost, people began to harvest rice, solitary Dianzi Town of Ju Xiufeng was alone in the house,http://bbs.chianzhaogo...p&ac=blog&blogid=, the temperature plummeted and her mother's death made her anxious reckless and ill. According to Ju Xiufeng speaking, she and her mother to see the last time was June 24,, due to finish just plug seedlings, farm land where basically ended, her mother Pang Shuyun proposed Jilin go to work, she had to persuade her mother: "Sedum (Ju Xiufeng husband) went to Beijing, leaving her behind me and the children, and the family is not short of money, tired out by the share why. "But her mother did not listen to her, decided to go to the Jilin City, because in the eyes of her mother , taking advantage of a point can move up money.
Juxiu Feng told reporters that her mother's body good, last year fell a bit, legs and occasionally some nerve pain. Her mother some introverted, unwilling to communicate with people, nothing put in their hearts, are sharp tongue,woolrich outlet online, could not understand it bluntly, so willing to offend people, but no splenetic.
"My mother July 25 gave the child's aunt called to say that he do a nanny in the south, did not intend,, the family Nansi Hou, they want to get a job." said, no I did not expect after the 26th information, a cell phone is turned off. No two days is the "7? 28 floods," she thought her mother had just started working for a local cell phone had no signal, or were washed away by the flood,moncler milano outlet,http://www.chumingwang...?mod=space&uid=126213, then reported the matter to the police.
I discovered the accident to identify clothing
Ju Xiufeng said, and thus, her mother has not been heard from. Later her husband to Jilin East market labor market to look for,,abercrombie donna, that I heard from an intermediary, East market that many nannies are out of trouble,, so he quickly reported. September 1, after her husband to the police, the police let him identify the clothes, the husband from his pocket and found a hand carry the mother's clothes,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the police told him that his mother odds are against us, and for the husband pumping blood for testing. Then the walls of the blood and the murderer were home DNA identification. Police later identified the issue of her mother, she knew from the Internet.
I heard my mother's face, legs limp at the time, and almost fainted. Afterwards can dream of my mother's voice and face every day, but also always dreamed of online images murderer, she does not understand why the murderer's wife Li Yan Qiu as a woman, can condone brutally murder her husband.
According to Ju Xiufeng neighbors talk, she often went to Eastern markets that do nanny, looking for work, I heard that afterwards feel scared, glad that they did not come to kill demons. Later go out to work, we must look to the agency, even if it is worth the money spent.
From the star photos, you can see this is a very loving person lives, wife died three years ago and has one son and one daughter, the family had a son and daughter and a grandson, this is an enjoyable family, but killer let it all stopped.
Drink tells "death list"
"Why did you arrest me?" It is understood, Zhang Shu Hung was arrested, very calm, not only do not explain the problem, but questioned the police. When the police interrogation,air max, his whereabouts three nannies hired in the labor market, he hesitated, then lied that he would three nanny abducted. But they can not tell the specific location of trafficking. Zhang Shu Hung police interrogation realize lying, they changed the trial strategy.
"Can beer and dumplings it?" After a long silence, Zhang Shu Hung once again did not explain the merits of the opening, but the police investigators ask for tobacco, alcohol and dumplings and other foods. Police bought beer, cigarettes and dumplings,hogan rebel, Zhang Shu Hung slowly eat up.
"I have to speak, but also to give an account of the deceased Some time is too long, and some not tell." After dinner, Zhang Shu Hung began to explain their crime to kill more than 10 dead bodies since 1998, including its daughter Pianzhi killing the rental and postmortem. In addition, in order to destroy evidence, after killing one is perfect, he will be the other's identity, also destroyed.
"Murder is my one dry." Accountable process, Zhang Shu Hung stressed repeatedly to the police, when the murder of his ex-wife Li Yan Qiu branch to the outside, he is the only one present,hogan scarpe outlet, Li Yan Qiu did not know. Just worried about their physical disability, will attract attention, gold and silver jewelry after the killings obtained when he let Li Yan Qiu go and sell stolen goods.
In the interview,woolrich italia, the reporter learned that the family of the deceased, said Zhang Shu Hung heard police say killed more than eight people, confession is killing 14 people. In this regard, the reporter contacted an informant,, the other certainly a family argument.
It is understood that the blood found in the home according to the police and so on,piumini moncler, through DNA testing to verify the four female a male victim. The other case, the police are still verifying, Zhang Shu Hung the account of "murder list" is accurate, the police have not yet conclusive.

#1217 by hko5ybb9568 15.09.2014 - 05:21
Avatar   not available offline quote

? Evening News correspondent JuJu Chang reports
Recently, the Beijing Xicheng Fu Wai Hao Zhang a sixth-grade students, in the laboratory to consumers eat 16 kinds of edible fungi were detected,, fresh mushrooms from the Beijing,tn pas cher, Fujian and other markets over Jiucheng are fluorescent whitening agent contamination. Experts said that whiteners are excessive absorption by the body, will become a potential carcinogen. Although the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau official later said the results "non-scientific", but still led to consumer concerns about food safety, the Shanghai market that fresh mushrooms are safe? Newspaper reporter to investigate.
"Fluorescent mushrooms" Not now Shanghai market
In Hao Zhang's experiment, in addition to an "organic mushroom" and two dried mushrooms were not detected fluorescent brighteners, other than a dozen samples are all "fluorescent mushrooms," Stipe pileus edge and residual roots are optical brighteners. According to statistics, fluorescent whitening agents are a class of chemical products, prohibited the use in food processing. It is absorbed by the body, it will affect the nervous system, greatly weakened immune system, increase the burden on the liver, but can also lead to cell distortion, excessive contact, it will become a potential carcinogen.
Reporters interviewed yesterday, the city's major wholesale markets and supermarkets farmers market responsible people, fluorescent whitening agents seized items will already be entering the market when the mushrooms and other fungi, and more recently to strengthen the inspection, has not yet found substandard mushrooms .
"A few years ago, Shanghai had been found to be contaminated mushrooms fluorescent whitening agent,, the business sector and the wholesale market very seriously, be strong regulation,, once detected to contain fluorescent whitening ingredients, the sale will be allowed to enter the market in recent years There has been very little 'fluorescent mushrooms' appear. "Shanghai wholesale Peng Biao Jiang Yang,abercrombie france boutique, deputy general manager, said that with the weather getting cold, has now entered the mushroom shopping season, Jiang Yang wholesale market every day to several tons of mushroom , but in this project to detect fluorescent brighteners, are qualified.
"Currently we are marketed mostly mushrooms from Zhejiang Pinghu, after years of 'fluorescent mushrooms' event in front, we will contact the local cooperatives to strengthen production management, and several visits." Peng Biao said, because the road near to ensure freshness,woolrich outlet online, after strengthening management,air max tn pas cher, few people would use a fluorescent bleach.
"Black and white" mushroom market are sold
Although Shanghai after fresh mushrooms fluorescent agent was not contaminated, but the reporter yesterday visited Cao vegetable wholesale market, as well as some small farms found that "black and white" mushrooms are sold. There stall revealed that those with the soil particles "black mushroom" is unbleached white honking wet mushrooms were added bleach water cleaned.
Reporters yesterday afternoon in Cao wholesale mushroom area to see, have two mushrooms for sale on almost every booth,moncler uomo outlet, one with mushroom soil particles will sell well despite the wholesale price has to 5.5 yuan to 6 yuan a pounds. Another glowing, and even some are big mushroom head as long as 4.5 yuan a pound.
Reporter touched two kinds of mushrooms, found that the former rough dry, the latter delicate tentacles, some slippery surface mushroom umbrella almost no rust. Stall said, white mushrooms cleaned with water, more water, so the price is cheaper. And when a reporter asked what is washed, he has insisted from the beginning has been "clean water", has become a "plus a little bit of bleach."
When a reporter asked one stall to another, and she very kindly said, is to soak washed with bleach, "are our own wash." This name stall that dried mushrooms are mostly black people bought their own home burning food, washed wet mushrooms is basically into restaurants, canteens and so on. "Buy back not wash, they are also the easy way,air max 90, using bleach to wash water is much cleaner than, fried dishes also sell better." She also stressed that bleach wash mushrooms "definitely all right." "Originally, bleaching powder is sterilized, we use the amount is not much,, the market also check, have not had any problems."
Bleached mushrooms beautiful and weight gain
"Just to pick fresh mushrooms in a white blossoming all, some of the most stained soil particles, eliminating the need to use bleach to clean watered." Jiang Ling Huang Zude agricultural cooperatives in the Pudong Takahashi mushroom mushroom test planting demonstration base for many years, the production of mushroom supply most supermarkets, he said, dealers bleach to clean mushrooms are mostly produced in order to remove the rust after not fresh mushrooms, but also to gain weight 20 percent to 30 percent.
It is reported that after the fresh mushrooms picked at room temperature over 18 ? Weather in easy, "color", so fresh mushrooms picked after, be sure to cold storage, you can save five days -6 days, but the long-distance transport from the mushrooms sometimes save conditions are not so good. If the picking, transport, accidentally grazing the mushrooms, its surface is prone to brown rust, affecting the appearance. If mushrooms are far from a long time and Fujian origin, used in transport, easier on the road overall "color", in order to sell at a good price, dealers tend to be "cosmetic." "This will not only look nice,http://news.jmygshop.c...ment-type-hlwl-itemid-373, but since weight gain flooding but cheaper price, so the market is not small."
In addition, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences researcher Zhang said mushroom, mushroom in all, the Agaricus mushroom is the use of bleach "disaster area" because mushrooms, straw mushrooms and other mushrooms do have color, even apricot Martin mushroom, Pleurotus also slightly yellowed, only it is a white umbrella. "In fact, there are two varieties of Agaricus mushrooms, one is our common white umbrella, the other is a natural light brown, but most consumers only know the former, that only fresh white mushrooms, the latter often be 'bleached'. "
Net sales bleach multifarious
Because the price is cheap, easy to use, most dealers use bleach bleach is the most common, reporters after online inquiry found that a wide variety of mushrooms bleach various components, can buy online.
Insiders said that bleach as a disinfectant has more than 100 years of history, because the price is cheap, easy to use and is now being widely used for drinking water, sewage, pollution and other environmental disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables will also common after bleach watered,nike tn, The key is the amount and variety. "Under normal circumstances, bleach basically harmless to humans, but if bleach excessive or improper use, or used in place of civilian industrial bleach bleach, it will give people poisoned."
In fact, the mushroom industry had not bleach secret, reporters in the online input "mushroom bleach" and found that in addition to being banned fluorescent brighteners and the most common bleach, many banner of "green" banner bleached mushrooms agents are being sold online, titanium dioxide, chlorine dioxide, carbon dioxide and other ingredients are there, and all the main no sulfur.
Shanghai a bleach plant mushrooms in food-grade titanium dioxide as the main ingredient, and its sales manager, food-grade titanium dioxide is suitable for all types of milky-degree increase in food, such as creamy drinks, puddings, panna cotta, active milk, noodles, vermicelli , tofu, etc., use it to mushroom whitening is very safe. "As long as 5 kg of titanium dioxide,abercrombie italia, a ton against the water will dissolve into mushroom stand for half an hour, you can clean,chaussures nike tn pas cher, cost only 130 yuan, can be used repeatedly." He said that such products are mainly sold to Fujian.
In addition, the reporter found that chlorine dioxide, carbon dioxide is the main component of bleaching agents also have to sell. Zhengzhou played an ad company said that this mushroom bleach can maintain the natural color of mushrooms, can effectively extend the shelf life of mushrooms, and mushrooms corrosion mildew also have a positive effect, not only can be used for a variety of edible mushrooms can also be used konjac, radish,, fish,parka woolrich, preserved fruit, such as bleach.
Evening reminder
Most do not fly bleach safe
Are these so-called mushroom bleach if safe? Because titanium dioxide are food additives, interview with reporters yesterday, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Food Additive Association Ji Heli, he said,woolrich, some products are still risks.
"Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium dioxide, food grade titanium dioxide can be used as a food additive, adding beverages, jellies and other products, after use of the product will appear milky." However, Ji Heli, said there is no state regulations, allowing its use as a bleaching agent to use. "Within its use as a food additive category, national standard for the amount of titanium dioxide, usage has strict rules, but it broke through into this category, no standard to follow, it may be a security risk." In addition, the steady state dioxide Chlorine can be added to foods, many exported canned mushrooms is to use it to bleach,, but fresh mushrooms due to lack of moisture, and can not play a role. The fluorescent brighteners are chemical substances, with its bleached certainly harm, "and human contact will cause harm."
Distinguish bleached mushrooms a look at two touch three smell
How to tell if they contain fluorescent brighteners and other mushrooms, industry sources said, a look at the color: fluorescent brighteners containing mushroom, bright white surface, have washed feel free fluorescent brighteners, leaving it white or mushroom slightly yellowish; Second touch mushrooms Surface: containing fluorescent whitening agent, the surface smooth, feel good, moist feeling, some powdery surface of things, mushrooms contain fluorescent brighteners face astringent, surface stained mud, feels rough,tn pas chere,, dry; three smell, normal white mushrooms smelled natural fragrance, bleached mushrooms may be pungent smell of bleach.

#1216 by lesyccdxel 13.09.2014 - 21:17
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Have not played a good few mouthfuls breathe it, Gouzi was suddenly stretched back over a foot kicked over. Long skill of your kid ? 'm Not in accordance with Executive's plans to open play, were in vain harm I ran over there, the results have not pulled a faint smile playing big cow face appeared in front Gouzi, Gouzi that foot is just endure Daniel tours. In accordance with the plan, Gouzi ray ban sunglasses only need culling Japanese sentry on it, and other large cattle ray ban uk place clean Strike Japanese artillery, the rest of the people began to assault.Other large cattle with people moving to set a good position, Gouzi already with people rushed the emplacement. Emplacement was full of people, Daniel ray ban uk would not dare to shoot, but to carrying a sniper rifle along with Zhao playing the assault. Etc. ray ban uk rushed emplacement time, most Japanese have been thrust to the west side of the open ground, the emplacement on the left three kittens two Japanese wounded. Just saw lying on the machine gun bunker pant Gouzi, angry cattle will directly reward the foot. Niu Hui Guoshen Gouzi large cattle Peizhao Xiao Tian Zhelian to small look extremely honest, I did not have to open the play, is *** too cunning little devils.
The line, I did not say Cheap ray ban Sunglasses what, look to the ability of the ray ban uk, mouth Ba Baba 's quite able to say Daniel waved care, do not forget then touches his mouth Gouzi loss. Daniel pointed to the back of the blood Gouzi asked concerned, Gouzi is henchman in Clifton with minimal side, weekdays and it was to take care of everyone. Nothing, rub a little bullet Gouzi care shook his head, suddenly remembered something wildly, from a Japanese corpse Pafu pocket pulled out a half pack of cigarettes throw Daniel.
Little devils good pumping smoke it?ray ban uk, Gouzi upturned face covered with blood looked at Daniel. Daniel rarely drink, usually like a few cigarette smoke, Gouzi an opportunity to sneak a cigarette to get Clifton cheap uggs Daniel sent. Since Zhao liked cigars, this benefit large cattle cut off. Daniel one down, a cigarette is smoked half instantly, to be lighter than the U.S. cigarette Daniel looked at the hands of half smoke, understatement said. Gone, gone, to not sweep the battlefield, the bodies checked again, still alive, get together, sir, need captive Yan Shijun screaming all the way shouting came over.


#1215 by ofsxtinz 13.09.2014 - 16:44
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Orangutan surprise said ! Chu battle to see the gorillas, tiger ? It seems a lot of things and more will slowly emerge, such as my grandfather woke up again, to ask it ! Go, ray bans online enter the house and walked toward the emergence of lead ! Just then, the door to the house even open automatically, and numerous road branching off the red light flashed, then that is Zhi Zhizhi strange voice ! Red light and the sound is getting closer, and then, bang Peng, a round shadow out of the house door ! Haha, go and cause him to kill it, as long as the little dragon blood of Warcraft can not easily be underestimated, there is no guarantee last minute surprises, but still faced fake ray ban sunglasses powerful seven of Warcraft, and kill cheap uggs him, fake ray ban sunglasses there will be bonus Oh, ha ha Hamm grandfather with extremely temptation war discourse Chu said !
Haha, really looking forward to ah ! Chu went to war armed with sword deep sea dragon of heaven and earth, the face, the deep sea dragon has no previous fierce momentum, but Chu war approached, even a pair of huge eyes slowly opened, scared Chu war hastened back ! Chu battle carefully observed for a long time and found that although the dragon found himself, but did not kill his own ability, but the dragon 's body was glittering with light, it is wonderful ! Quickly, go and cut sunglasses sale head, fast ! At this time i, Hamm grandfather anxious voice inside spring to mind !
Shook his head and murmured to continue, the world is such that fake ray bans had no alternative, then read on a knife, but the wonderful thing has happened, the universe Sword -thirds into the body but could not move ! Then, the entire multi- shell deep sea dragon dragon 's body as if out of the general, a skin is extremely tender, but the body is not a huge dragon in front of Chu small war ! Chu war against a small dragon 's eyes is extremely brutal, after the emergence of a second, and the size of the body Chu war on war toward Chu hit it!

#1214 by t2f6c2y6v1 13.09.2014 - 01:52
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#1213 by alrgp3149e 12.09.2014 - 19:03
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#1212 by rtlspuq0fd 12.09.2014 - 18:30
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#1211 by zjhhgvl6zi 12.09.2014 - 18:25
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#1210 by xxfai021mb 12.09.2014 - 16:58
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#1209 by mgvhehhxz 12.09.2014 - 16:28
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#1208 by phbs98ez6 12.09.2014 - 13:39
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#1207 by wangyong1 12.09.2014 - 09:41
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western point of the Vugiri spur, we entered on a cultivated plain in a direct line facing Fuga. Here, on the second day, being overtaken by a fierce storm, we put up in some sheds outside a village. There were three small cones, called Mbara, close to us west by north; but besides these, to the northward, there was nothing save an uninterrupted plain of the densest jungle leading up to the Makumbara mountains, about ten miles distant. The village itself was enshrouded in a dense thicket, which was entered by the narrowest of passages, cut through branches for security’s sake, and was further protected by piles and stakes against the attacks of enemies. Everybody here feels an insecurity to life and property, which makes people wonder how they ever can be happy. Prosperous they are not, and never will be, until such time as enlightened men may happen to come amongst them to teach their chiefs the art of governing. Of all villages the most secure from attack seem those that are situated on the river islands, where the division of the stream affords a natural moat, which no African art can overcome. ugg boots
, after a little hard toiling, we emerged from this prodigious wooding, and found ourselves on a naked, bold, prominent point overlooking the whole plain we had left behind, and from which we could clearly see its entire dimensions. To the northward, as already said, was the Makumbara range, a dense compact mass of solid-looking hills, much higher than the spur we stood upon, but joining it to the north-eastward; whilst its other extremity shot out to the north-westward, until it seemed as though it were suddenly cut off by the Pangani river. Stivali ugg
Beyond the river, again, looking across the western extremity, but farther back than it, other large hills, bedimmed by distance, could be seen tending in a south-westerly direction, which in all probability are a link of the longitudinal chain, which, as our maps will show, fringe the whole of the southern continent of Africa.8 The country directly beyond the river valley rose into gentle undulations, but on this side all was flat and densely wooded, save in one little spot to the north-west of the Mbara cones, where a sheet of water or small lake made a bald conspicuous place — and here it was, by native report, that elephants and other large game abounded.
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#1206 by wangyong1 12.09.2014 - 09:23
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Il Royal Geographical Society - Il Lago Strano sulla mappa - Set Off - Arrivo a Zanzibar - Una escursione preliminare - A vela lungo la costa - Il fiume Pangani - Dolcetto di A Jemadar - Journey up Paese - Avventure - Ritorno a Zanzibar - Scene lì - Oggetti della Spedizione - reclutamento per i seguaci - The Cafila Bashi - The Start - febbri - Discussioni su i Monti della Luna e il Victoria N'yanza - il Tanganica. Stivali ugg italia
Al mio arrivo in Inghilterra, la prima cosa che ho fatto è stato quello di visitare il capitano Burton, ed ottenere un'introduzione alla Royal Geographical Society, sotto i cui auspici stavo per viaggiare. Ho prossimo visitato la Compagnia, e qui è stato rivelato per me, per la prima volta, i grandi oggetti progettati per la spedizione in questione. Sulle pareti delle stanze della Società c'è appeso un grande schema, comprendente una sezione di Africa orientale, che si estende dall'Equatore al quattordicesimo grado di latitudine sud, e da Zanzibar sedici gradi nell'entroterra, che era stato costruito da due signori reverendi, signori Erhardt e Rebmann, missionari della Chiesa Missionaria di Londra, poco tempo prima, allorché detengono a loro funzioni a Zanzibar. In questa sezione-map, inghiottendo circa la metà di tutta l'area del terreno incluso in esso, vi figurava un lago di tali dimensioni portentoso e tale forma sconveniente, che rappresenta una gigantesca lumaca, o, forse, ancora più vicino ancora, il brutto salamandra , che tutti coloro che lo guardò incredulo rise e scosse la testa. E 'stato, infatti, fenomeno abbastanza in questi giorni per eccitare la curiosità di nessuno! Un singolo foglio di acqua dolce, verso l'alto di 800 miglia di lunghezza e trecento ampio, abbastanza uguale per dimensioni a, se non più grande, il grande Caspio sale. ugg boots italia
Ora, per l'onore dell'ammiraglio Sir George Torna sia detto, Fellow della Royal Geographical Society, e un vecchio se stesso esploratore nelle regioni artiche, che aveva deciso nella sua mente che questo grande mistero dovrebbe essere risolto, e che un intuizione deve essere acquisita in queste regioni interessanti, riguardanti quali congetture e speculazioni erano stati all'ordine del giorno, e che aveva causato tanti dibattiti caldi per tanti secoli passati fra tutti i primi geografi del giorno; dibattiti che, finora, nessuno era stato trovato abbastanza energico per impostare a riposo mediante ispezione reale del paese. ugg boots outlet

#1205 by s22v9lh986 12.09.2014 - 08:48
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? ????????????????????????? ???????????????,??? ??? ????? ???????????????????????????Kai?????????????????,?????? ????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??? ??????????????????? ???????????????????????????????,?????·????? ?????? ????????????????,????? ?? ??????? ??? ????????????????????????????????,?????? ?? ??? ?????????????????????Dragonshrine?????????????????????????????????????????




#1204 by wvgodkphj 12.09.2014 - 05:51
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????????????? ????????????????????????Qiuwen?????????????????,??? ??? ???? 8????? ????,??? ??????? 2012...????????????? ?????????????????????????????????,?????? 3....????????????????????????????????????...???,oakley ????? fast jacket?????????????????
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???????????????,nike?????????????OK ??????????????????????,??? ?? ????Qiuwen ? ?????????···????????,??? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Qiuwen ??????????????????????????????????????????Qiuwen??????????????????????????????????????
???? ??

??? ??? ????? 8
??????? 574 ?????

#1203 by tckau55ilc 12.09.2014 - 04:58
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??? ??????? 9

????? ??? ?????

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